Yes, I’m one of those people who enjoy working out.  I enjoy so many different types of workouts – anything to get my body moving.  I’ve done it all:  Cross Fit, High Intensity Interval Training, Warrior Workouts, Spartan Races, running, biking and body building.  I also have 2 yoga certifications; so there were the years of 6 am Mysore Ashtanga Yoga practices.  Then there was the summer that I studied to become a personal trainer.  Fitness has been a part of my life in some form or another for nearly 30 years.

In the few decades that I’ve been in the fitness arena – I can’t count the pieces of workout clothing that I’ve gone through – I’ve tried it all, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, generic brands from Target – you get the picture.  All too often what I found was stiff fabrics that had absolutely no “give” to them at all; unforgiving elastic waist bands, pockets that were too shallow, bikini liners that were too tight, and fabrics that just loved to hold onto that musty gym bag smell!

Then one Sunday afternoon in 2012 that all changed.  I gave in and tried a brand that I’d mocked for years as being over priced and likened it to a Jim Jones style “drink the Kool-Aid” cult.  I was the biggest Lululemon hater out there.  Then as I was walking to a heated Vinyasa Yoga class in shorts that I hated, I passed the Lululemon on Walnut Street in Philly and decided to give it a shot.

“Sir, that’s a woman’s shirt.”

The first thing that I noticed in the store is that there are a lot of options.  I was like, “where is the men’s section”?  I have absolutely been that guy who was like – “this shirt is cute….”, only to have a sales person chime in – “Sir, that’s a woman’s shirt.”  Side NOTE:    Anyway, I found the boy clothes and found one of the relentlessly helpful Lululemon sales associates and was able to narrow down my choice to a short that would function well for yoga.  She then introduced me to the most amazing pair of shorts – EVER!


Lululemon Pace Breaker Short

The Pace Breaker Short I have so many pairs of this short it’s crazy.  The reason?  Two Words  – Swift Ultra!  Swift Ultra is the name of the fabric; it’s literally – EVERYTHING!  Yeah, yeah, it’s built for strength and sweat wicking! Yes – it’s durable!  Yes it offers no-bulk performance!  But the best part is the four-way stretch.  No matter how you move – this fabric moves with you.  Squats are no problem and deep lunges are a breeze.  If the fabric rides up your thigh, the mutable fabric allows it to just slide back down into place. This short also has deliciously deep pockets that fit a cellphone, wallet and car keys!   I get this short with a liner.  Guys, trust me, wearing a short with a built in liner as opposed to regular shorts with underwear or compression shorts is like a dream come true!  Everything stays put and if anything moves – there’s no pinching.

I bought several pairs of Pace Breakers that Sunday afternoon in 2012, and I still have them today!  I get lots of attention when I drop into a Cross fit box in my hot pink or neon orange shorts.  I’ve probably worn and washed these shorts – thousands of times and they continue to look great and function so well.  Still as comfortable as the day that I bought them.

I’m now that Lululemon customer who has a bottle of Kool-Aid in my back pack and whenever the discussion of workout clothes comes up – I offer my friends a drink.  Recently, my best friend and I went to the brand new Lululemon on Walnut Street in Philly so I could get a couple of new shorts and tanks for spring.  His initial reaction was that they were so expensive.  I forced him to try on the Pace Breaker Short,  and asked if anything has ever felt so good.  His answer was exactly what I expected.   “Oh, my god, these are so comfortable”.  I was all to happy to inform him that these will be the best shorts to Squat and Deadlift in because they’ll just let him do the movement without any binding, riding up or pinching.  Just focus on form and breathing and push all the weight you can!


Here’s some Kool-Aid, enjoy your new favorite shorts!

Barry Eichner