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5 Powerful Devices For Skin Care Correction Season

5 Devices For Estheticians For Skin Care Correction Season

5 Devices For Estheticians you DO NOT want to miss!  You’ll love this special 90 minute webisode of L+A NOW!

As we approach fall, you will need all of the tools you can get to make sure you’re working to correct your clients’ skin!

This 90 minute webisode  is jam packed with 5 high tech devices that you won’t want to miss.

  1. Star T Shock
    This is all new device to L+A and we’re thrilled to have Stan Kapica from Skin Science Solutions to explain how this technology can be used in your facility.  The Thermo-Kinetic Processes for Face and Body will give you all new options treat your clients!
  2. Skin Classic
    You won’t believe what this device can do. Stephanie Holvick from RN Faces will be with us to explain how this High and Low Frequency device is used for targeted correction of skin imperfections.
  3. DP Harris Skin Analyzer
    This hand held device works with  a tablet in your spa to analyze skin and populates visible data to share with your client. It helps establish a course of treatments and home care.  Natalia Sotelo from International Aesthetic Corporation will be with us to showcase this amazing device. 
  4. Alto 8 in 1
    Elizabeth Camacho from DermaJEM will be with us to showcase the 8 different modalities in the Alto 8 in 1.  You will have so many options to provide treatment and correct many of the top skin issues.  
    Patrick Johnson from Celluma will be on hand to talk about RESTORE, Celluma’s newest offering!  You can treat the popular aging as well as work with clients experiencing hair loss.

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