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Cupping Therapy – 2 Reasons A Chiropractor Performs Cupping

While many people associate cupping therapy with Michael Phelps, this ancient tradition of healing has been around for centuries. Its healing technique is dated back to the Egyptians as well as ancient Chinese Medicine. Cupping has been and is currently being used in modern medicine to treat a range of extremities. So what exactly is cupping and why is it beneficial?

While controversy surrounds where it truly originated, one thing is clear that cupping therapy is now a must for many and has been added to their self care routines. It is one of the most sought after treatments in the body care industry. Countless clients have cupping therapy added into their bodywork routines.

I had reached a point in my career where nothing was helping with my consistent pain. It led me to almost reaching my breaking point in my career of “can I continue to do this”. That’s when I found my savior, Dr. Samuel Reals here in my hometown.

Derke Davenport

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2 Reasons Chiropractor, Dr Samuel Reals Uses Cupping Therapy

Depending on the practitioner, different size cups are used from plastic to glass. I met with my Chiropractor, Dr. Samuel Reals of ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic in Wichita, Kansas to discuss more. Dr. Reals has grown his practice significantly and cupping therapy is one of his preferred modalities. 

1. Cupping Creates Negative Pressure

He states that, “The cupping itself creates a ‘negative  pressure’ in the tissue and fascia. Cupping can be performed with standard cups or with heat added.” Dr Reals prefers traditional cups that help to reduce pain through breaking miniscule capillaries and inciting blood flow/inflammatory chemicals to the symptomatic area.

2. Cupping Decompresses Tissue

He also states, “The decompressive nature has a therapeutic effect given we compress (mostly from sitting) our tissues most of the day.”  Dr. Reals finds the most benefit from cupping therapy is when a patient is taken through a provoking movement, which is done for a majority of his modalities.

There has been a rise in popularity over the years, Dr. Reals said that this modality is one of the most sought after services, more specifically with the fitness focused clientele. Most people that come to him have run out of options and are motivated to try anything. The stimulus from cupping helps them to “balance out their tension” in certain areas. It’s one of the least invasive modalities for those that want more maintenance care or a “tune up” so to speak.

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