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Dealing With Coronavirus

Dealing with the Coronavirus

There is a lot being said about Coronavirus.  It’s all over the news.  Now is the time to channel that calm voice you use during a treatment with a client!  Follow your own advice to clients and take a slow, deep breath!
Many large corporations such as Starbucks and Hilton hotels, just to name a few, have sent out emails recently communicating what they’ll be doing to deal with this ongoing situation.  These companies can be your “mentors” so to speak in how to respond to this current public health situation.

Be Informed

The most important thing you can do is to be informed!  Gather as much information as you can and follow the guidelines of your local, state and federal agencies.

Use Your Resources

The most important thing you can do right now is look to the appropriate agencies for your information.

Large corporations are communicating their response to coronavirus to their clients. We’re now seeing smaller, local businesses communicating their response too.

Gather information from local, state and national agencies on how to deal with the COVID-19, cornoavirus.

Create a best practices plan as to how you will run your business.

It’s important that you maintain a line of communication with your spa team on how your facility will manage during these times.

Be sure to coach and hold your team accountable to these best practices guidelines that you establish.

It’s important that you communicate these best practices guidelines to your customers.

Many of our trusted spa industry publications have published articles on how to deal with coronavirus or COVID-19.

Spa Industry Media Coronavirus  Articles

American Spa – EPA-Approved List Of Disinfectants To Use Against COVID-19

Esthetics Council – Esthetician’s Guide To COVID-19

American Spa – How The Spa Industry is Dealing with Coronavirus

Skin INC – 9 Tips To Keep Your Spa COVID-19 Free

iSpa – COVID-19 Resources

Insider’s Guide To Spas – Regionals Respond to COVID-19

Centers For Disease Control Offers Steps To Prevent Illness

The Centers For Disease Control has a full page on their website, Steps To Prevent Illness.

The CDC also has a resource guide for Businesses and Employers.  


Examples Of How Spas Are Responding To COVID-19 coronavirus

Philadelphia Spa Responded To Coronavirus

One of my go-to spas in Philadelphia issued a public statement on how they’ll be managing their day to day operations in response to the Coronavirus.  They made a public post on their Facebook page.

See below…

Updated Response From Pure Spa

As of March 13th Pure Spa (mentioned above) posted this

“In accordance with COVID-19 Mitigation Initiative now in place for Montgomery County, PA, Pure Spa will close for 14 days starting tomorrow.”

From www.Governor.PA.Gov

“In Montgomery County, we are aggressively moving to a mitigation phase, and statewide we are providing guidance to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus,” said Gov. Wolf.


“The following guidance will be in place starting tomorrow, March 13, for fourteen days.
We will evaluate our options throughout that period, and continue to communicate to you as we learn more.”


“Supermarkets, pharmacies, and gas stations will remain open. The Governor and the Commonwealth recommends that non-essential retail facilities close.”

California Based Spa Responds To Coronavirus

One of our go-to spas in California for skincare advice is Trin Spa Skin and Wellness.  Trin outlined how she will be dealing with Coronavirus in her business.  See below…

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