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Cellulite Treatment – 3 Options For In The Spa or At Home

Cellulite Treatments Are Big Business

In 2018 consumers spent more than a million dollars per year on cellulite treatments in the United States and more than a billion dollars globally according to GradViewResearch.com.  They also predict that number will continue to rise exponentially.  This is a signal to all spa professionals that cellulite treatments are a growing section of the U.S economy and can be looked to as a business development opportunity!

Grow Your In Spa Services with Cellulite Treatments

Want a new way to earn extra sales revenue from a treatment that is growing in popularity and consumer awareness?  Cellulite treatments are a in demand.  They also can be performed while the client is wearing a mask, which is a huge consideration in the the Covid-Centric world that we now live in. Many states are allowing spas to open, but are requiring clients to keep their masks on.  Obvi, you’re not doing a facial, but you can do a cellulite treatment!  It’s a great way to do a therapeutic treatment that will make clients and your bank account happy.

SculptICE – Award Winning Cellulite Treatment

What is SculptICE and the herbal ice body sculpting therapy by Ania Botero™? SculptICE Body Sculpting Ice cellulite treatment by Ania Botero™ is a 100% natural product, made of a precise combination of herbs, essential oils, and other natural ingredients, that together promote the desolution of adipose tissue in the body.

In addition, SculptICE helps to mold, reduce, and reaffirm the skin, by promoting the natural production of collagen and elastin in the body, improving the elasticity and tonicity of the skin. SculptICE by Ania Botero™ is a safe natural product, formulated to help individuals presenting early stages of fat accumulation, all the way to extreme cases of obesity.

SculptICE also helps individuals that just want to get rid of unwanted cellulite, with a cellulite treatment or for those that simply want to reaffirm the skin in specific areas of the body. More on SculptICE…


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Cellulite Treatments Are Big Money For Small Businesses

Topical products are the fastest growing segment of the cellulite treatment market according to the same study by GradViewResearch.com.  Consumers are buying more and more products to use as a cellulite treatment at home.  They’re spending their hard earned money on products while shopping at Target, on Amazon and at Sephora. They could be spending that money with small businesses rather than multi-national corporations! Small businesses that are run by savvy skin care professionals who aren’t afraid to see a trend and leverage it to increase their business sales and earn more profit!

At Home Lyphatic Drainage + Firming Topical For Cellulite Treatment

Firming Topical Products For Home Care

Lira Clinical has  Spa Firming Cream. The product features a Suma Root Extract which is an anti-inflammatory found in the Amazon rainforest.  Spa Firming Cream and  Skini Cream by PFB Vanish, both feature caffeine!  We LOVE Skini Cream, this bad boy even heats up to let you know it’s working!

Circadia’s Professional Firming and Shaping Gel features some serious advanced science with hexapeptides as well some beautiful natural ingredients.  If you’re looking for an organic product, KM Herbals showcases their Firming & Toning Lotion.

While Nature Pure has an entire LipoMelt® Anti-Cellulite Treatment Home-Care Kit.


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Skincare Brush For Lymphatic Drainage

OctoVie Skincare Brush was designed by Pamela Auger, an Aesthetician, Nurse and Face/Neck Lymph Drainage Therapist, for ageless beauty. As a skin specialist, she decided to revolutionize the skincare industry after she discovered the absence of beauty products to help rejuvenate her damaged skin after breast cancer treatment.

She created a specialized lymphatic drainage massage that is ideal to perform with OctoVie as you apply the Firming Lotion.

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OctoVie VIP Exclusive Offer

In July 2020, Pamela is giving the L+A Community a VIP Exclusive Offer!  She’s is so excited to introduce OctoVie to our fans and followers that she has a VIP Exclusive Offer in the L+A Mobile App!  Download the app today!

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