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2 Key CBD Benefits If You Workout

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2 Key CBD Benefits If You Workout

CBD Advice From Our Expert Ella Cressman

“Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that communicate with our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS was discovered by a group of Israeli scientists while attempting to trace THC to its point of communication within the body. This research lead to the discovery of endocannabinoids (compounds produced by our bodies) which initiate a host of responses, including (but not only):

  • mood regulation
  • reducing inflammation
  • stimulating the immune system”

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Ella Cressman

Guest Blogger

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Understanding CBD With Ella Cressman

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Understanding CBD

My 2 Favorite CBD Benefits If You Workout

1. Reducing Inflammation

Ella On CBD + Inflammation:

“The endocannabinoids communicate with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) like an, intricate and integrated superhighway of message relay incorporated in the human design. The communication begins with activation of receptor cells named CB1 and CB2 (there is recent evidence of at least a 3rd receptor and we are holding tight to discover more…).

The best summation of its function is that the ECS is called into action by receiving messages from receptor cells with the intent to establish balance, or homeostasis. The receptor cells respond to endocannainoids (produced by our bodies) and phytocannainoids (produced by plants)”

I Feel Fewer Aches

This is my favorite of the CBD benefits!  It helps me to feel better after a workout!  LEGIT I feel fewer aches, pains and strains!  I like to go hard, so there are times when I get that feeling that I love to hate where using stairs or sitting down is painful. I use a good CBD product and I feel less achy!

CBD Body Product I Use For Fewer Aches

I jumped up and down when I found a muscle spray!!!  California Skincare Supply offers Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics and that line has the Natural CBD Relief Spray.  Obsessed!  Just spray it on the area that’s sore and boom for anti-inflammatory CBD benefits.  Don’t worry about rubbing it in.  Just let the CBD sink in!  I’ve used this after a run – just out of the shower.  LOVE!

2. Mood Regulation

Anyone who works out knows that a good workout has the magical ability to get you out of a funk!  Sometimes, when I’m stressed, I’ll head to the gym, pop in AirPods and crank up some high energy music and just push heavy weight!  Some people will go for a long run, others will swing kettle bells, play basketball, play tennis.  The list goes on and on! I love how I can always feel better after a workout.

That’s one of the reasons WHY CBD benefits after a workout.  It’s just an extra added bonus on the mood regulation that Ella spoke about in her article. How I use CBD to regulate my mood is two fold.

Love to chill out in a hot bath with a  Bath Bomb from Color Up Therapeutics.  BONUS: in June 2020, you can take 35% off site-wide sale at Color Up Therapeutics on the $ VIP Exclusive Offer page on our L+A Mobile App.  

I take a dose of a Tincture From Elmore Mountain Therapeutics.  Their whole plant CBD extract is a sublingual tincture intended for systemic and transdermal use. They use an organic hemp seed oil as our carrier oil. Want to learn more about CBD?  Watch Elmore Mountain’s Webisode on CBD in our Virtual Skincare Festival replay on the Education page of our L+A Mobile App.

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