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Here’s a list of pros to help you build your business.

The Biz Wiz Directory was started to fill a need that we discovered in the industry! Whenever we were speaking to a group of Spa Pros, we would be asked countless times for help with marketing, digital media, operations, spa menus, and so much more.  We’ve a compiled a list of pros that we know who offer a wide range of services to help the modern esthetician/spa professional succeed in their business.


Julie has spent the last 26 years in the business of spa and wellness with an emphasis on growing businesses to a seven figure status; this is her strength. She has the ability to see each business – no matter the size – as a unique opportunity to create an exceptionally successful world class brand. She has a proven track record and has successfully done this for product brands, hotel spas and stand alone spas (as have the JMPankey Partners team of spa and wellness consultants that are spread throughout the country).  Learn More…

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