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Our 5 Picks – Best Skin Care Peptides

Want To Know The Best Skin Care Peptides?

Peptide – Defined

Want to know our 5 best skin care peptides?  Let’s press pause on that…..

I know we throw around the term “peptide” in skin care trainings and sales pitches.  But, seriously, if put on the spot, could you legit break down what a peptide actually IS and DOES for the skin?

Wait… don’t even tell me.

Me:  “Would you like me just to do a little refresher?”



Ok Perfect! Here’s Your Peptide Recap

Just so we’re clear, I’m 100% on board with what a peptide is and what it does.  I mean, I have so many products that I love it’s hard to narrow down to a list of 5 best skin care peptides.  But, I thought, eh, this is a perfect opportunity to introduce you to Darcy!  She’s, like the Queen of Peptides!  We picked her because because of the title….

“Peptides are a chain of amino acids bound by a peptide bond which sends a message to your cells to perform a specific function.  In the human body, peptides are found in every cell and tissue and perform a wide range of essential functions.  Each amino acid is coded within the DNA by 4 unique nucleic acids. A peptide most estheticians are familiar with is Oxytocin – dubbed the “Love Hormone” – which is responsible for uterine contractions, bonding and libido. In skin care, we are most familiar with peptides that soften fine lines and wrinkles (neurotransmitter peptides- muscle modulating), but they can do so much more!”

Excerpt from Dary’s Advice From Our Experts Article, 4 Reasons To Use Peptides In Skin Care

Darcy, Guest Blogger

Peptides Are Great Facilitators

The true breakdown of what a peptide “actually” does in the skin is facilitate.  These little guys go into the skin and “facilitate” activity.  They help the skin cells to function properly… they help them function more optimally…. they help them function better.  However you want to say it.

In fact, they do this in 4 specific ways.  Darcy breaks down the 4 ways for us in her November Advice From Our Experts Article.

1. Decreases inflammation and slows down the aging process

2. Increased skin tension, lifting and tightening

3. Fights Bacteria

4. Optimize Cell Turnover

This Week’s POP!

5 Best Skin Care Peptides

Our Picks!  5 Best Skin Care Peptides

Peptides are really versatile.  They can do so much for the skin.  Many brands feature peptides in their product to insure that the products are highly effective.  We have found several brands who feature products that showcase new technology in peptides as well as some of the classic peptides that we all know and love!

#1 PC10 Complex – GLYMED PLUS

This proprietary blend of amino acids and peptides is a key player in GLYMED PLUS’S Peptide Cleanser with PC10! Known as the “Red Carpet Cleanser,” the Peptide Cleanser with PC10 is an elegant blend of rich emollients, powerful peptides, and botanicals that promote health within our skin cells. This creamy cleanser is perfect for performing facial massage and leaves the skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and youthful. We recommend using this as your 2nd cleanse to promote lifting and firming.

#2 L-CARNOSINE – Circadia 

This is listed as a key ingredient in the Circadia Professional Use Only Firming Peptide Mask.  This firming and tightening mask combines some of the latest technology in peptide, antioxidant and dermal regeneration science, resulting in micro circulation, detoxification and instant firming, lifting and tightening.

#3 Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) – Dawn Lorraine Skincare 

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) is a key ingredient in Dawn Lorraine’s Pomegranite Lift Creme!  A super firming daily use cream with DMAE & Peptides.  It’s VEGAN +GLUTEN, DAIRY, SOY & NUT OIL FREE.

#4 Myristoyl Tetrapeptide-13  – Société Skincare 

This is just one of the many peptides in Société’s Firming Peptide Complex.  An anti-wrinkle serum whose anti-wrinkle effects help skin look younger. Firms and rejuvenates skin’s appearance by providing an immediate, and long-lasting, firming and tightening response, using the most advanced mega doses of peptides and antioxidants available in the market.

#5 Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 – Sesha Skincare

New Product Alert!  Launching December 1st!  You’re learning about this new product here first!

Regenerate Stem Booster

This supercharged lotion combined with the exclusive patented penetration technology P.E.T.with a proprietary blend of naturally occurring growth factors, antioxidants, peptides and matrix proteins to reduce the appearance of spots, fine lines and wrinkles, repair the skin barrier, reduce pore sizes and enhance skin tone and texture.

Peptides Make Skin Care Effective

You can easily see that some of the most respected skin care brands – known for their effecitveness – employ peptides in their products to increase their efficacy.  The more you know about peptides, the more you’ll be able to do for your clients!  If you’re looking to offer truly effective skin care treatments and provide home care recommendations that will change your clients skin for the better, be sure to use peptide rich products!
Thanks to Circadia, GLYMED PLUS, Dawn Lorraine Skincare, Sesha Skincare, and Société for sponsoring this article.  

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