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Best Facial In Palm Springs To Hydrate Skin

Best Facial In Palm Springs To Nourish + Hydrate

Barry’s Full Review of The Best Facial In Palm Springs

Ok, so the best facial in Palm Springs isn’t even called a facial by the salon where I got it or by the skin care company that makes the products for the “facial” (oh shit, I said the F word again)!  No it’s not a “facial”!  Even though it’s been called The Game Of Thrones Facial by Cosmo.  It’s not a facial.

One more time for the folks in the back….  I called the company and asked, “Even though Cosmo calls it a Facial, do you call it a facial”?

everyone I talked to was, like……….

So, I asked, “If the best facial in Palm Springs is not a ‘facial’, what is it?”

Tiny Bubbles Salon where I got the best facial in Palm Springs (that really isn’t a facial), calls it and Enzyme Therapy Treatment.  It’s on their Skin Therapy Treatment menu on the Spa Page of their website.

Enzyme Therapy Treatments

Improve the skin’s ability to function by dissolving dead cells and impurities trapped within the skin. This in turn restores vital cellular nutrition and oxygenation,
required for cellular regeneration.

Enzyme Therapy stimulates collagen production, restoring structural integrity back to the skin. It is suitable for a wide range of conditions such as aging skin, sun damage, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

Best Facial In Palm Springs is Enzyme Therapy by DMK At Tiny Bubbles

Nathan Rickel owns Tiny Bubbles Salon in Palm Springs.  I met him years ago while traveling for work in San Jose.  He’s a dynamic hair stylist, make up artist and skin therapist!  He was representing DMK at The Skin Games as a contestant in the Make Up Challenge.  Nathan and I instantly clicked!  He had an undeniably magnetic energy and was kind and friendly to everyone!  He just makes you feel good when you’re with him!

When he told me he was from Palm Springs, I told him how much I loved it there and promised to come visit him!  This year, for Christmas and New Year’s I snuck away to Palm Springs for a little R+R!  I also kept my promise to Nathan and visited Tiny Bubbles Salon so that I could get the best facial in Palm Springs that’s not even really a facial.

Why Does My Skin Need Enzyme Therapy?

I was so excited to get the Enzyme Therapy Treatment.  I was even more excited to get it from Kaycie!  I met Kaycie at the DMK World Of Confidence Conference in Las Vegas this past year.  She’s new to the skin care, so I was happy to support and encourage her as she begins her skin care career.  She truly blew me away!  She was so knowledgeable!  I filled out my intake form, being sure to write down that I wanted some extra attention to my eyes and overall improvement in the firmness of my skin.  (Your boy is lookin at 50 in a few weeks!)

I know my skin very well.  I know it’s issues.  I know where it’s congested, where it’s got hyperpigmentation and where it needs a little extra love.  Damn, if Kaycie didn’t nail my consultation!

“You have some congestion on your cheeks and your nose.  You have some slight hyperpigmentation on your forehead.  Overall, your skin is evenly hydrated.”

The Enzyme Therapy Treatment will really help to clean out all the gunk that’s trapped in my pores (the congestion).  It will help to eliminate dark spots and then help to stop transepidermal water loss and improve hydration.

I Got A Glow FromThe Best Facial In Palm Springs

 Ok, so we’re clear the best facial in Palm springs is a multi-step Enzyme Therapy Treatment.  It has many steps.  There was plastic wrap on my skin at least twice to lock in the effects of the treatment products.  Lots of hot towels.  Then there was several layers of masks that were applied and allowed to harden for 45 minutes.  During that 45 minutes, I just relaxed and chilled out, but my skin was working overtime.  There was plasmatic effect happening – I could feel my skin pumping blood!!!  My face began to get pulled very tight!

The mask was dissolving gunk on my skin and then flushing it out through my lymphatic system.  There was also reverse osmosis happening which was pulling hydration into my skin from deep in my body.

All of that produced this amazing result!

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