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2 Key Skin Benefits Of Microneedling

Industry Pros Help Us Explain Benefits of  Microneedling  

For years, I’ve seen microneedling and have heard estheticians rave about the benefits of microneedling.  I’ve seen the before and after images where expertly trained skin care pros can get amazing results.  Truly remarkable images that show improvement in skin that had acne scars, fine lines, dark spots and scars.

I mean, – LEGIT – impressed with the results.  So much so that a friend of mine had Abdominoplasty  and I suggested that he see an esthetician to have microneedling on the scar to help minimize the appearance of the scar.  I wanted him to be able to be back in a speedo in no time!  The results of microneedling can be, “SHAMAZING…” (THANKS JVN)

It’s almost counter intuitive, having to stick tiny needles in your skin, which, in the short-term make it look bad, so that in the long run it will look better.  You don’t want to believe that something that severe can be so beneficial. I wanted to know why this treatment has so many benefits, so I reached out to a few industry professionals that I respect who know a lot about microneedling and asked them to weigh in!

2 Key Benefits Of Microneedling

Instigates Collagen + Elastin Production

Skin Needling, is a skin rejuvenation procedure that instigates collagen and elastin production in the skin via the body’s own wound healing process. It can be used to plump up depressed areas such as acne scars and fine lines and deep wrinkles, for relaxing contractured scar tissue, restoring pigment to hypopigmented areas as well as smoothing out skin texture.

Darcy Dernarde, skin by D

Improved Product Absorption

Cosmetic needling allows for 80% more product absorption than products alone. This is the perfect time to apply essential nutrients like Vitamins A, C, and E. There are several clinical studies showing the effectiveness of microneedling at various depths prior to the application of topical agents. Cosmetic needling has shown great improvement in the skin and will continue to grow into a popular at-home treatment for clients. 

Think of it like aerating a lawn before putting fertilizer on it. This same concept can be used to deliver beneficial ingredients into the skin. Our epidermis is made up of tightly compacted cells that work as a barrier; this makes it difficult for us to get product into the skin. Cosmetic rollers, under .3mm depth, can be used by clients on a nightly basis to make microscopic channels in the skin allowing for beneficial ingredients to be delivered. 

Terri Wojak, Aesthetics Exposed Education

Nano Channeling

Nano channeling or nano infusion, also known as nano needling is “no-needle” less aggressive form of microneedling.  This is used to infuse product into the skin. 

Combinations Improve Benefits of Microneedling

You can offer your clients the benefits of microneedling or nano channeling during a treatment.  However, those benefits can be dramatically improved when you combine microneedling or nano channeling with cosmeceuticals.  You can infuse product into the skin and you can recommend product for home care.  Home care can truly enhance the benefits of microneedling or nano channeling treatments that you provide.

What Products Should You Combine? Recommend?

Deciding what products to infuse during treatment can be a concern.  Also, what products work best for home care to accentuate the benefits of microneedling or nano channeling treatments?  It can be hard to know if products will have the maximum benefit.  It’s also a concern that a product will have an ingredient that is contra indicated.

Merry Laz Combines LED + Microneedling and Nano Channeling

Now you can offer LED light therapy as an added benefit to your microneedling treatments!  The benefits of LED light therapy are universally understood among estheticians.  Merry Laz has combined LED into their Meso Touch Photon Microneedling and Nano Channeling Pen.  Take your treatments to new levels with LED and help to improve your clients skin with multiple modalities in a single treatment.


Merry Laz
Meso Touch Plus Kit 

This all in-one Meso Touch Plus Kit is a microneedling and nano channeling starter kit, it’s $1200 and  includes the Meso Touch Photon Microneedling and Nano Channeling Pen, a conventional microneedling and nano channeling pen with the added benefit of LED light therapy along with 10 Cartridges for use in treatment and one each of the 6 DermaSerums for use in treatment.

Treat 6 Skin Issues With One Kit

These 6 serums help different skin issues  The Apple Stem Cell serum is to repair damaged skin such as scars. The Azalea Serum is an acne fighter. The Collagen Firming Serum stimulates collagen.  The Gold EGF Anti-Wrinkle Serum helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum smooths fine lines and wrinkles.  The Vital C Serum will nourish and brighten.


Recommend Home Care To Enhance Benefits Of Microneedling Treatments and Nano Channeling Treatments

6 Home Care Products To Extend In-Treatment Serum Results

Merry Laz offers the esthetician a universal system that starts in treatment with one of 6 serums that are infused into the skin.  Skin care professionals can then confidently recommend home care with the BioPô Creams that Merry Laz offers.  There are 6 BioPô Creams that perfectly coordinate with the 6 DermaSerums.  No guess work about what home care will produce the ideal results.  No concerns over contraindications of ingredients.  This is a complete system.

1.  Apple Stem Cell Cream

Repair damaged skin, Reduce acne scars, Reduce stretch marks & fine lines, Tone, Lift and Firm

2.  Azalea Cream

Reduce acne break out, Balance sebum secretion, Regulates skin PH, Eliminate black heads

3.  Collagen Cream

Shrink pores, Improves skin elasticity, Stimulates collagen regeneration

4.  Gold EGF Anti Wrinkles Cream

Promotes cell regeneration, Reduce fine lines, Tone & firm skin texture, Lift effect

5.  Vital C Cream

Nourish skin, Brighten dark spots, Natural anti oxidant, Even skin tone & texture

6.  Hyaluronic Acid Cream

Hydrate and replenish skin, Restore skin natural moisture Smooth fine lines and sagging skin, Rejuvenate skin

LED + Cosmeceuticals + [Microneedling or Nano Channeling] :  Triple Benefits To The Skin 

Merry Laz offers the esthetician a “one-stop shop” if you will. They sell a complete kit, that includes an in-use pen that offers LED and microneedling or nano channeling, cartridges and an assortment of serums that help improve the benefits of microneedling or nano channeling treatments. You can also purchase in-treatment products to offer the most “shamazing” service.

Merry Laz also offers home care products that you can recommend to extend the benefits of the treatment at home.  Daily application of the Merry Laz BioPô Creams will help your clients experience exponentially better results because the daily application of these high performance products will provide on going impact on the skin.

We’d like to thank Merry Laz for sponsoring this article.  

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