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5 Tips To Correct Sun Damage + Fade Scars

Correcting Sun Damage + Scars Can Change Lives

Many clients come to the spa or skin care specialist so they can get a facial to improve their skin’s health. Other’s come for waxing, lash extensions, lash lifts, maybe even permanent make up.  However, there is a sub set of spa clients who come to the skin care professional to help correct damage to their skin.  Sun damage and scars on the skin can cause serious self-esteem issues for many.  The services and advice of a pro can be the help they need to change and improve their lives!

We have a year round collection of products that work to improve skin based on the season, the L+A Spring Skin Care Guide is ideal to help the skin care professional offer suggestions to clients to transition from heavier winter products.

Sun Damage Is Hyperpigmentation

There is a whole section of the global skincare industry that is dedicated to treating sun damage!  Hyperpigmentation is huge and we’ve focused on it regularly throughout our articles.  One of our best articles comes from Trin Yokoyama.  Trin wrote, 4 Tips For Treating Hyperpigmentation.  She’s outlined types of products to recommend for home care and what type of services you can offer.

Trin Yokoyama

Treatments + Products To Correct Sun Damage + Scars

Treating sun damage and scars is an aggressive task!  It requires commitment and compliance on the part of the client. They must commit to a series of treatments and to be compliant to the home care that the skin care pro is suggesting for their daily use.  Combinations of advanced resurfacing treatments, along with products that focus on improving tone and texture create the winning combination to correct damage to the skin.

The overall concept is simple.  Improve the frequency of cellular turn over and flooding the fresh new skin cells with botanical or clinical ingredients designed to improve the skin’s tone and texture.  Over time, the skin will become more uniform in tone and texture, which will, in many cases, eliminate the damage.  It can take months in some cases, but, eventually the client will be able to have confidence as the damage (either from the sun or a scar) fades.  This is when you see them smile as they look in the mirror!

5 Tips To Correct Sun Damage + Scars

CIT Pen - Herbal Skin Solutions

The CIT Pen, or Collagen Induction Therapy Pen, utilizes tiny needles to make micro openings in the top layer of the skin, thus stimulating the lower layers to produce more collagen and elastin. Just as you have to stress muscle fibers to build more muscle, this stress on the lower layers of skin will stimulate the body to self- repair with more structural support.

It was made specifically for the practicing esthetician by removing the pesky cord that often got in the way with other devices, as well as adding options for higher speeds, dual batteries, and easy custom depth to allow for a variety of cosmetic or medical treatments.

Once she had the ideal device, the CIT Pen, Kaelin knew that to truly help estheticians achieve a higher level of success, she needed to provide more than a standard set of instructions.

So, along with the founding of Herbal Skin Solutions, she also began its sister platform, The Esthetics Academy, which provides a comprehensive and ongoing training program for CIT Pen providers at no additional cost so you can be truly successful in providing your clients with real results.

As today’s consumers become savvier and their desire for new natural products and new technologies skyrocket, Herbal Skin Solutions is here to help you cater to this emerging market by providing the platinum standard.

Helichrysum Restorative Balm - KM Herbals
This deeply restorative skin balm can be used for a variety of applications where the skin is in need of an intensely curative treatment. With a classic honey beeswax salve base and blended with the gentle oils of Wheat Germ and Coconut, we’ve formulated this healing salve to be light enough for the face for either day or nighttime use. Helichrysum, Foraha Oil, and Sea Buckthorn help improve the look of scarring and discoloration, while calming irritation and discouraging further damage. This formula is so gentle, it can even be used as a rich and protective eye balm, helping to soothe and improve the skin’s delicate texture.
DiamondTome Microdermabrasion - MedSpa Distributors

Remove the damaged outer layer of skin, where shallow surface imperfections reside.  The procedure is entirely customizable, and can be adjusted to offer either a gentle or aggressive approach.  It also doesn’t cause heat or inflammation, so it’s safe for clients with sensitive skin.  And finally, there’s no downtime with DiamondTome® crystal free systems, so clients can return to their lives right away with no side effects or downtime, making it a true “lunch hour” solution.

DiamondTome equipment is perfect for resurfacing skin on the face that may have been neglected in the cold winter months. There are also body wands which are perfect for resurfacing skin that has been hidden under warm layers of clothing.

Oxy Revital PL Cream- Sesha Skincare
Combination of oxygen with a powerhouse complex of active ingredients in a gentle and non-greasy cream to protect, soothe, calm and hydrate irritated skin. This cream contains perfluorodecalin (PFC) which has the ability to carry oxygen. This advanced cream is unique in the skincare industry and has been specifically designed to be used after aggressive treatments such as laser, microderma-brasion, acid peel and many others. This cream is also designed for sensitive, reactive and redness prone skin
Biolight Brightening Skin Serum - Repêchage

This breakthrough serum helps brighten and even the appearance of skin tone due to the sun and age. The exclusive Laminaria Complex contains seaweeds combined with Willow Bark, Gotu Kola and Licorice extracts to help reveal younger looking skin and uncover a complexion that looks more radiant, luminous, and even toned. Benefits last with regular use.

Thanks to Repêchage, Sesha Skincare, Herbal Skin Solutions, KM Herbals and MedSpa Distributors for sponsoring this article.  

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