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5 Teen Acne Products For Home Care

5 Teen Acne Products For Home Care

Teen acne sucks!  Please take it from someone who had it! Not only was I 240 lbs with a 42″ waist and very effeminate – I also had acne!  Can we talk about a tough time in high school?

I remember scrubbing my face with soap and constantly wiping it with Sea Breeze to make sure that I got all of the oil off my skin so I wouldn’t get any breakouts.  

You can see in the picture [8th or 9th grade] my face was full of breakouts and PIH.  Also, please note that delicious full head of feathered hair!  Yes, there was mousse in it!  

teen acne

Anyone that wonders why I decided to go to esthetics school…here’s why!  From the time I was in 7th grade until about the age of 18, I struggled with acne.  Around the age of 14, I took my first round of Acutane.  Amazing results! But then, the acne came back…again and again.  After three rounds of this prescription drug, I knew (at the ripe age of 16) that there had to be a better way to treat acne without taking such a toll on your body and mind.

I think the fancy department store Clinique set was my first introduction to “skincare” and the rest is history.

teen acne

“How To Treat Acne At Home?

Home care is the most important part in acne treatment and can be a confusing subject as there are many misleading marketing terms printed on skin care products and makeup. I have seen many products touting that they are “noncomedogenic” or “nonpore clogging” with pore clogging ingredients in the deck. Remember that these are marketing terms and are not regulated by any organization to hold them accountable to their claims. Studying ingredients and researching the comedogenicity scale is essential to knowing what is safe for use on an acne prone skin.”

Read The Quick Reference Guide To Understanding Acne

Jenna Kent

Advice From Our Experts Guest Blogger

Teen Acne Home Care You Can Trust

So many suffering with teen acne, look for solutions in drug stores.  It’s even worse when then start doing web searches and click on the top links that are always paid for by mass market corporations with massive advertising budgets.  Many well intentioned parents end up with home care for their teens suffering with acne from companies that are making unsubstantiated claims.

My nephew began experiencing acne and my brother got him Proactiv, which didn’t work for him.  It actually caused his skin to be irritated.  The reached out to me and asked for advice, and I sent them to BiON for their 3 Step Acne Kit.   The results were amazing.  The results of the teen acne treatment can be seen in before and after photos.  

5 Teen Acne Home Care Products We Love

Teen Acne Moisturizer Savings

Hydra Medic Mattifying Moisturizer  from Repêchage

Our first pick for a teen acne product that we love is the Hydra Medic Mattifying Moisturizer

You can get this product as part of a collection in the VIP Exclusive Offers section of our Mobile App for as little as $25*! 

Download from the App Store or Google Play

This daily moisturizer has a rich consistency that sinks right into the skin! It has a refreshing fragrance that your younger teen boys and teen girls will both enjoy!  Hydra Medic® Mattifying Moisturizer is a non-greasy formula combined with seaweed and other plant extracts to help reduce the appearance of shine while leaving skin with a soft, velvety-matte finish.

*Offer good June, 2020 only

Salicylic Glycolic Gel - BiON

Salicylic-Glycolic Gel has maximum power to keep follicles clear with effective bacterial control against P. acnes and other undesirable bacteria and their acne promoting lipases. It uses salicylic acid, glycolic acid and plant enzymes to control inflammation and infection. This highly effective product is step 2 in BiON’s three step system for acne control for normal, oily or combination skin. Niacinamide, EGCG and Curcumin have recently been added due to research showing improved results with acne while using these ingredients. pH 3.2

  • For oily to normal skin
  • Effective bacterial control
  • Clears follicles and has anti-inflammatory benefits
Ant-Acne Facial Serum - KM Herbals

Ideal for congested, oily conditions, this formula helps purify and balance troubled skin. It’s gentle, smooth, and lightweight, and can be used as a spot treatment or as an all-over preventative facial treatment. Infusions of Echinacea and Burdock, as well as Tea Tree and Niaouli essential oils, help to clarify congested skin and soothe irritation while Lavender and Calendula soften the appearance of scarring from past blemishes.


Clear Future Toner - Hale & Hush

Extend blemish- and oil-control beyond cleansing with the Clear Future Toner. It is formulated to naturally clarify skin and shrink enlarged pores while maintaining balance and comfort with probiotics. The Tonic will leave skin cleaner, refreshed and more resistant to congestion and breakouts through the day or night


  • Naturally clarifies skin, helps to control sebum and reduces appearance of enlarged pores.
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent, antifungal and antioxidant properties.
  • Protects barrier function and moisturization of stratum corneum.
Pure Cherry Mask - California Skincare Supply Shir-Organics

California Skincare Supply offers the Shir-Organics Pure Cherry Mask

Add this “superfruit” to your skin care regimen to help tone, balance, and minimize pores for a more youthful, refined appearance. Cherries contain melatonin, an antioxidant which guards against the breakdown of collagen. This results in a slower rate of fine lines and wrinkles while providing even skin tone throughout the face. These oil-absorbing qualities of clay in the Pure Cherry Clay Mask will balance out moisture levels, and kill acne causing bacteria.


• Pores are refined and minimized
• Oil control – balances and calms skin
• Helps clarify, heal, and prevent blemishes
• Rich in Vitamin C helps combat free radicals
• Improves skin tone and returns elasticity to the skin
Shira Organic skin care products represent the finest all natural and organic anti-aging formulations available today.


Organic Prunus Avium (Sweet Cherry) Fruit Juice, Organic Prunus Avium (Sweet Cherry) Extract, Organic Amorphophallus Konjac Root Powder, Organic Laminaria Digitata Extract, Organic Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Organic Spirulina Maxima Extract



We’d like to thank Repêchage, Hale & Hush, California Skincare Supply, KM Herbals and BiON for sponsoring this article.

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