5 Men’s Shaving Products For Father’s Day

We have some guest stars in the POP! article this week!  In honor Father’s Day, we thought it would be fun to use a Father / Son duo to help with this story!  Jenni has enlisted her husband Drew and son Jack to help us review this weeks POP! products.  

Jack + Drew

Jack and Drew are no strangers to skin care products.  They are both unofficial product testers for Lipgloss + Aftershave!  Jenni puts them to work on the regular for family facial time!  

men's shaving

Our Men’s Shaving Advice 

Getting a close smooth shave on regular basis can really change the way a man’s skin looks every day.  If it’s not close – he’s gonna have stubble.  If it’s not smooth he’s gonna have razor burn and could even cut himself.  Many times, a man’s neck takes a beating during the shaving process.

It’s so important that men start off with clean skin.  I learned that from the sales associate at the Clinique counter at The Bon Ton in the Susquehanna Valley Mall in Selinsgrove, PA when I was 17.  Granted she was trying to sell me the famous Clinique soap as an add on to my Dramatically Different Lotion!  Hey don’t judge!  In all seriousness, clean skin that has a clean and clear surface makes a better overall shaving experience. 

It’s great idea to keep your skin care products updated by season, you can learn more in our Seasonal Skin Care Guides.  

Men’s Shaving Requires Good Skin Care

The men’s shaving experience can be almost ritualistic.  It all starts with warm water!  Warm water softens the hair, opens the pore, softens any surface oils and allows the skin to relax.  Men should use a good cleanser to remove excess dirt and debris from the skin’s surface.  Next, a mild, physical exfoliating scrub can pull away dead skin cells to leave the skin’s surface perfectly smooth.  A rich shaving cream should be used to create a smooth glide for the razor.  After shaving, guys should apply a moisturizer that is hydrating and calming. Finally, apply a broad spectrum SPF to protect the skin.

Drew + Jack’s 5 Men’s Shaving Picks For Father’s Day

Cleansing Gel - HydroPeptide

Guys love this cleaner.  This one-and-done face wash is man’s best friend!  It effectively removes, dirt and excess oil with a gentle blend of peptides, antioxidants and calming anti-irritants that leave skin clean, refreshed and ready for shaving.  This product is vegan and cruelty free and does not contain any gluten, parabens, phthalates, soy, or sulfates.

One Minute Exfoliating Mask - Repêchage

An exfoliating scrub with a KICK!  You can transform your skin in one minute! This exfoliating facial mask helps to deep cleanse and absorb excess oil without drying. Skin tone will look brighter and clearer, skin will glow and the appearance of oil will be diminished. Perfect as a prep for men’s shaving.


Shave Bar - dmSkincare

This natural coconut oil bar provides the perfect lather and slip for men’s shaving. Coconut oil and avena sativa oat protein soothe and condition the skin in addition to providing needed hydration. Sensitive skin types will benefit from shaving with this bar because of its gentle nature and calming ingredients.

Hush Hydrate Gel - Hale & Hush

Hush Hydrate is a moisturizing formula chock full of botanical extracts, antioxidants, and skilled inflammation fighters that are perfect to calm after men’s shaving. Our gel contains a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic compound found in black rice, proven to comfort aggravated skin.


  • Produces anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects to heal skin from the inside out.
  • Supports moisture and protection against environmental-damage effects, offering detoxifying and brightening benefits.
  • Soothes and cools skin immediately on contact.
  • Can be used as a mask or a light weight moisturizer.
Prevent + Protect SPF 30 Broad Spectrum - Sesha Skincare

Perfect for after men’s shaving!  This will hydrate skin, and protect!  This is a physician-grade sunscreen that is fragrance-free, Parabens-free and lightweight that delivers a sheer finish and absorbs quickly. This broad-spectrum sunscreen protects against both UVA & UVB rays and the combination of Micronized Zinc Oxide and Octinoxate is transparent, leaving no residue or film on the skin. Hyaluronic Acid will absorb one thousand times its weight in moisture to encourage hydration and improve texture and tone, while antioxidants aid in fighting free radicals.  Formulated for daily use, this sunscreen absorbs quickly into the skin. 

We’d like to thank Sesha Skincare, Repêchage, Hale & Hush, Dermamed Solutions and HydroPeptide for sponsoring this article.

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