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Hair Removal True Confessions – The Pro’s Ultimate Guide

L+A’s 2021 Hair Removal Guide: Trusted Resources + True Confessions!

Hair removal is one of the most awkward services in the spa. Anytime that you combine nudity and pain, there’s going to be some very interesting stories!  The L+A 2021 Hair Removal Guide is a complete hair removal resource for the professional. We have it all, product and machine tips, training and educational opportunities,  and quotes from professionals who are leaders in their field.

Oh, and….true confessions from the treatment room with stories that will have you laughing hysterically!  

5 Part Guide

Waxing – Artistic Training – Sugaring – Advanced Tech – Post Treatment

We’ve broken down our guide into 5 sections.

Each section has its own True Confession! All confessions are anonymous to protect the innocent.  

Waxing True Confessions….

The OG of hair removal is waxing. We’re here to give it props and showcase a few traditional ideas as well as some trend setting and innovative ideas!

Our first confession will have you looking at Christmas cookies differently this year.

“I had a guy that brought in lightning bolt cookie cutters and asked me to wax the shape into his pubes having them angled down pointing at his shaft.”
Anonymous Waxing Pro

We have to give a shout out to the OG of waxing, no guide would be complete without paying homage to the Queen!  Barry’s had a crush on Lori Nestore for almost 20 years! She’s the queen of Brazilians and gives great tips on her IG!

You can also take online classes for Advanced Waxing Classes with Wax Unique Aesthetics, tell Monique we said hi! She’s kind of amazing!

Jenni’s been obsessed with the non-wax, soy based Nufree Hair Removal system!  You can get to know all about their Service Center and how you can use it in your hair removal treatment room!  Nufree even offers a FREE ‘Non-Wax’ Hair Removal Guide that explains their incredible system.

Glitter Wax Creations
Enhance your waxing experience with Glitter Wax Creations. This glitter can be safely used in any body wax brand as well as nail lacquer, gel, acrylics. The glitter blends are available in 4 different signature blends in two different sizes, 1 ounce and 2 ounce bags. Glitter blends are made from precision-cut Holographic Polyester film particles.

A Waxer’s BFF Box
This is epic! It’s like “Wax Crack”!  We’re addicted!!!  Now you can get a subscription box with surprise waxing goodies!  Crated by The Mermaid Esty. The Waxer’s Bff Box is for licensed beauty professionals only. Estheticians are constantly asking for recommendations on wax brands, retail products, classes, equipment and more.

Artistic Training

When it comes to brows, you need to be an artist! It’s no joke!  You can’t mess up someone’s eye brows! If you want great brow training, check out Nicck Townsend’s Master Class.

“A girl will go back to a guy 1000 times who did her wrong, but let someone screw her eyebrows up once – she’s D O N E!” 

Anonymous Waxing Pro

Threading is also an incredible technique for brows! “Threading is definitely a learned technique and requires skill. Threading takes a lot of practice to master. Clients should be confident that anyone who threads their eyebrows has devoted a significant amount of time and hard work to mastering the skill. To be a successful threader, you must learn and master the threading technique from an experienced threader.” Purvi Shah  You can learn brow threading with Purvi’s Master Class

More On Threading From Purvi

Hair removal by threading technique is by far the gentlest on skin. 

The benefits of threading are that it inflicts little or no pain, is a quick hair removal method and allows for great precision.

Precision. This is a great technique for precision, as you can achieve a defined look with threading. Threading allows the technician to pull out either a single hair or a row of hair. Threading is especially popular for the eyebrows, as it gives a clean, defined look.

Pain. Clients with sensitive skin may not be able to be waxed, so threading is a nice alternative.  

No Ingrown hair: Another benefit of threading technique.

Sanitary: Threading only involves a piece of thread, which is used only once.

Then there’s the Art Of The Brazilian! You can’t mess around down stairs! If you’re gonna be doing Brazilians you need to master the art! You can do that with NewMark Beauty’s The Perfect Brazilian! 

Sugaring True Confessions

A sweeter way to rip out hair by the root! But at the end of the day, you’re still doing hair removal, and somethings never change, which is evidenced by our Sugaring True Confession!

“I just(This year) had a client get mad at me because I would not let her bring her cat into the studio when she was getting sugared! OMG. I told her that the only kitty she could bring into the treatment room was the kitty in between her legs!” 

Anonymous Sugar Pro

If you’re looking for help with sugaring, you can look to Sugarmamapro for sugaring supplies and training!

Confessions Of Sugaring Pro Jamie Renee Nelms

“Why I prefer Sugaring

  1. It is still a niche, especially for men. Therefore it sets me apart from the waxing chains.
  2. It is a low liability service. Sugaring does not adhere to the skin like most waxes. This makes sugaring safer for delicate skin, especially Brazilians.
  3. It is economical and environmentally friendly. I use less products to do the service (no strips or sticks), and one ball of sugar. Therefore, I get approximately 25 Brazilians from one $22 tub of sugaring paste.
  4. Lastly, the cherry on the sundae… it is water soluble. I LOVE how easy it is to clean my sugar warmers and surfaces. I will never have an accident that takes paint thinner to clean up. Clients LOVE this too. There is never any waxy residue. No stickiness. Simply, soft, smooth skin.

The biggest tip to making this method work best: Be adequately trained by an experienced educator that includes adequate hands on time. 2 days (16 hours) was the industry norm for many years. A sugaring class will yield a quick ROI.

Patience and Practice! Have friends, family, and clients lined up to perfect your technique.”

Your Body’s ReTreat & Sugaring Source



Advanced Tech True Confessions

Hair removal for the 21st century involves some serious high tech! Laser hair removal, and IPL are two hot treatments that we love! Want to learn more, take the  Introduction to Lasers and Light Therapies, course from Aesthetics Exposed

“One time during training on laser hair removal, I was a model for one of our estheticians, and I was joking around and playing with the hand piece like it was an actual gun. I tried to mimic shooting the gun at one of the estheticians and accidentally fired the laser on her upper arm.  She screamed and jumped so loud!  We all cried laughing!”

Anonymous Spa Pro

If you’re looking for a permanent hair reduction option and don’t have a doctor overseeing your practice, look at IPL! The Anima Lumiere from DerrmaJEM.

Learn More About The Anima Lumiere

The Lumiere IPL System truly does it all in a compact package. With two handpieces and an extra-long lifespan of a guaranteed 750K shots (at least 4 times longer than most) it will allow you to get the return on your investment quickly and without having to worry about investing more in consumables or replacement handpieces.

One handpiece is Super Hair Removal & IPL (SHR) handpiece that is made to specifically do hair removal. It can make working on large areas extremely quick as it gives 10 shots per second. While you can switch back to IPL mode to do smaller and more delicate areas.

The second handpiece is IPL with RF energy which allows you to treat a variety of skin conditions depending on the cut-off filter that is selected.

Laser Hair Removal Tips From A Pro

“Laser Hair Removal technology has developed tremendously and offers a typically pain free option to reduce hair growth.  Machines now show safe efficacy on a wide range of Fitzpatrick levels.  Multiple sessions are needed, spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart.  Treatments are quick and some may even see results after the 2nd session.  LHR can be life changing for females struggling with conditions such as PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome ) who may have unwanted facial hair growth in addition to other areas of the body where it may not typically be.  Side note: it’s pretty amazing not to worry  if your legs are shaved as your joggers slide up your calf!”

Hillary Kahan, LE and contributor to Lipgloss + Aftershave

Post Treatment Products True Confessions #1

The aftermath of hair removal can be a bumpy road! We have a few ways to smooth out the rough edges!

The most popular are ingrown hairs! UGH! The Worst!!!  So bad ….

“My first time getting waxed ever. It was in college, and I got a nasty ingrown hair that I was unaware could happen!  I went to Planned Parenthood because I thought I had some crazy STD!!!!   They kindly told me what every woman knows!  Beauty is pain, and so I went back for more coochie waxes all throughout the rest of college!”

Anonymous Waxing Client


PFB Vanish

If you want to make sure your client never gets ingrown hairs or any dark spots that follow an ingrown hair. You need to make sure you’re suggesting PFB Vanish Roll Ons!  They have Original, Chromabright and ULTRA!  These roll ons will keep ingrowns and dark spots away!!!  You can get a PFB Vanish Wholesale Account Here.  

Post Treatment Products True Confessions #2

“I had a guy come in for a male Brazilian. He was an everyday looking kind of guy.  Nothing crazy, not wild hair color or piercings visible that would lead me to think the was a wild child.

We got started, and when I had him turn over, he had tattoos on his butt cheeks…. and beyond. They went all the way in to about 1/4” away from his sphincter. I did my best to not make it a thing. I’m a god damned professional after all.

He spouts out, “I was young!!” I just replied, “they’re in great shape!” I saw him for several years until he moved out of the area.”

Anonymous Wax Pro


You can’t do laser hair removal over a tattoo, no matter where it is!  So if someone has tattoos (even 1/4″ from their sphincter), you can’t laser that area.

You can, however, use Epilfree, a hair removal alternative to laser.  Epilfree is a unique, 100% natural and patented European professional hair removal system that combines the simplicity of use, with exceptional results that are equal to laser, but without the limitations and cost.

It is an effective natural solution for unwanted hair that works with waxing. Epilfree can be used on every Fitzpatrick and over tattoos, with no damage or chance of pigmentation.

EpilFree Webisode of L+A Now 

Watch Now and learn how Epilfree Works!

How EpilFree Saved My Business

My business was 80% facials until the pandemic hit. Then we shut down and I knew things were going to change, so during the quarantine  I brushed up on my waxing skills and became a certified Sugarista then went full speed ahead into offering my clients hair removal & Epilfree. Epilfree literally saved my business and it worked well because clients didn’t have to worry about the “grow in” phase because we are all wearing masks anyway. 

Using the proper technique and making sure your clients follow home care is key to success with Epilfree.

Trish Kinderman, HiBro Spa


Thanks to DermaJEM, E.F. Tropics, Mermaid Esty, PFB Vanish and Nufree for sponsoring this content.

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