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Add Some Electricity To Your Facial

When I turned 43, I distinctly remember looking in the mirror and cringing, “Damn, those crow’s feet are bad!”  I started my own business just before my 42nd birthday – so I attributed this horrific betrayal of my skin to the stress of the new business.

I was using some of the best skincare products, so I knew I was doing all I could.  But damn, this was just RUDE. I started to see my dad in the mirror!

There’s Hope For Crow’s Feet.

I had given up hope, until a few years ago in Las Vegas when I tried microcurrent for the first time.  I know, you heard “current”….

No, I’m not kidding!  I know it sounds crazy!  You’re thinking, “What is it?  Electrical shock for your face?”  

Well kinda…..

I had no idea what microcurrent was either and honestly, the device looked really odd.  But – DAMN! When I saw the transformation in the skin around my eyes I was flabbergasted!  It tightened and firmed that skin like nothing else! Whew….There’s hope for crow’s feet!

Microcurrent Is Pretty Basic

But not, like, the bad kind of #basic.  We all know those #basics. Rather, the kind of basic that means microcurrent is just easy to understand. It’s a low level current that is virtually identical to the body’s own electrical current.  It provides instant and ongoing benefits to the skin. The instant lift is due to the tightening of the muscle by the electrical current, but the ongoing benefits stem from the increased production of ATP in the skin that is kicked into high gear by the currents.  This ATP is the fuel the skin cells use to function properly!

“We did a feature on microcurrent in March if you want the full scoop on how it works in detail.”

It Doesn’t Have To Hurt To Work

I think it was so hard to accept that it worked because, I was so used to “No Pain – No Gain” philosophy of harsh laser treatments, peels and microdermabrasion as options to improving the skin! Microcurrent is painless.

When I ran a chain of medi-spas, I would tell my team to, “Peel Me Back To The Bone And Start Over….”

That’s why, I didn’t believe in Microcurrent, during my first treatment.

“Real Talk: Often times because these low level currents are identical to the body’s own systems, there is a sense of relaxation that can be induced. How’s that for a flipping the game?”

These low level – microcurrents work to firm and tone the muscle that is under the skin.  As the muscle firms, it lifts and tightens the skin. This provides the “wow” factor that I fell in love with from the treatment. Even though I use amazing skincare, the underlying muscle was beginning to loose it’s snap.

Don’t Paint Over Bad Walls

It’s like redecorating a house with expensive wallpaper and new light fixtures and paint when the beams holding up the wall are rotting away.  Those gorgeous wallpapered walls won’t look so pretty when the beams come crashing down. This is why we need to focus on the muscle under the skin.  When the muscle is firm and tight, the skin will follow suit!

Myolift Is The Answer

If you want to kill the crows flying over your yes, get microcurrent!  Day spas and medical spas offer this treatment, you can join the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Julieanne Moore, Paris Hilton and Madonna.  These famed celebs rave about the microcurrent. One of the hottest microcurrent devices on the market is Myolift is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive device that delivers low level “true microcurrent” to lift and tone the facial muscles.  If you want to find a spa that offers the Myolift microcurrent facial, use the Myolift Spa Directory to find a location near you.

The Myolift Spa Treatment

The skin care therapist will use, Myolift, the most professional grade device on the market that is portable and so affordable.  It improves skin circulation by stimulating production of collagen and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Myolift dramatically increases the ATP levels, which is the energy of the skin cells, allowing muscles to stay in the re-educated positions for longer periods of time. It is one of the most popular anti-aging treatment that is cumulative bringing visible results.

If You Fall In Love

If you become one of the thousands of cult like fans addicted to Microcurrent, we can help you feed your addiction.  You can get a “mini” Myolift for use at home.  A quick pick me up in 20 minutes.  Just follow their YouTube How-To Video.   I’m adding this to my Christmas list, and I’m being a very good boy!  Fingers crossed!

Myocalme To Make Everything… calmer

What’s even better? The company that produces Myolift discovered a machine that induces relaxation – the call it Myocalme.

You should know – Jenni’s obsessed with Myocalme and bought one for herself.

Its tiny currents on the ear lobe, which are the meridian points, to bring relaxation and deep stress reduction.  It works on balancing the hormonal levels and helps to clear the mind, bring more focus and create higher energy levels for people to function better. This is the most advanced and scientific treatment that can bring a very holistic approach to spa services. Whether someone is going thru a surgical procedure or a non-invasive facial rejuvenation, Myocalme can bring the reflection of calm and inner rejuvenation to the clients which will reflect on the skin as an inner light bulb glowing.

If you’re looking for a solution to droopy eyelids, crow’s feet, sagging cheeks, sagging jowls, or a turkey waddle on your neck – Myolift is your answer!  They have a professional grade machine to be used by skincare professionals in a spa setting, but they also have the “mini” Myolift  that can be used at home!

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