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Can Growth Factors Stop Aging?

Written by Katrina Yokoyama.  Katrina is an award winning esthetician, an esthetic educator and owner of Trin Spa Skin and Wellness.  

When I first heard the term “growth factors” 7 years ago at an advanced education class, I had no idea what they were!  I was blown away at what I learned that day.  They’re amazing. Imagine a tiny little industrial power plant in the skin, with technical machinery just cranking out young skincare minions every second to help save the skin from premature aging.

Growth Factors Defined

A growth factor is a naturally occurring substance, usually a protein or a steroid hormone, capable of stimulating skin cells for:

· cellular growth

· cellular proliferation

· cellular healing

· cellular differentiation

If you’re not a neurological scientist, and don’t understand all of those terms, here’s a little break down on what all of that means and what it will do for your skin.

Human Growth factors are naturally produced in our body and play many roles for different functions. In fact, there are many types of growth factors:

· hormone

· insulin

· fibroblast

· vascular

Specifically in skincare, we focus on EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which, when used in professional skin care treatments and home care has shown phenomenal results in repair.  EGF can also help fight some of the harsh external forces a person can be exposed to on a regular basis.

Harsh External Forces and Their Consequences

The skin is a living organ that is subjected to many external forces such as:

· environmental toxin exposure

· hormone imbalances

· lack of care

When you combine these negative forces with aging, the skin cells no longer perform at optimal levels.  Now the skin is subject to:

· wrinkles

· sun spots

· loss of proteins

· lose elasticity (aka “saggy skin”)

Sounds pretty pitiful right?  There is so much hope!  We live in an age of science and discovery! Breakthroughs with health and technology happen daily and thanks to the skin care gods we have growth factors!!

3 Growth Factor Facts

1.  Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins produced by skin cells.

2.  Growth factors have the ability to stimulate and produce more cells, resulting in:

· wound healing

· peel repair

· collagen production

· promote elasticity

3.  Growth factors communicate and repair. They are part of a cellular communication system that influences the natural repair process.

When I learned this, it just blew my mind! Communicate and repair, stimulate new cell growth? I had to try this amazing product!  I took home a bottle of the EGF-DNA Repair Serum by Le Mieux.  I only used it on my face.  Within two weeks I felt a significant difference between by face and neck. Holy moly the softness!  My skin was baby smooth!   I took that bottle and applied it to my neck and chest! Honey, I found the fountain of youth! From then on, 2 Le Mieux products have been staples at my spa.

2 Growth Factor Products You’ll Love

 Photo Credit: Le Mieux Instagram Photo Credit: Le Mieux Instagram

1.  EGF-DNA by Le Mieux

This product is amazing because it:

· contains 53 amino acids and skin perfecting peptides

· contains Hyaluronic Acid for hydration

· boosts cellular turnover

· accelerates wound healing cycle

· improves appearance of dry and wrinkled skin

· promotes firmness and radiance

Great for: dry, normal combination and sensitive skin

Corrects: lines, wrinkles, photo damage

Use after: lasers peels, dermaplaning and microneedling

Clients have shown amazing results using EGF-DNA for accelerating healing of surgical scars and peel recovery, as well as overall aging.

 Photo Credit: Le Mieux Instagram Photo Credit: Le Mieux Instagram

2.  TGF-Booster by Le Mieux

This product has some amazing ingredients:

· SNAP 8, Palmitoyl  Pentapidte-7, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

· Hyaluronic Acid

· Speroxide Dismutase for antioxidant protection.

Great for:  dry, normal, combo and sensitive skin


· helps prevent collagen breakdown

· promotes collagen synthesis

· minimizes fine lines, wrinkles

· improves firmness

· boosts results of other skincare products

Growth factors sound amazing right? These Le Mieux’s home care growth factor products have shown amazing results in clients who have used them.  Each time a client comes in for an appointment they are more excited about their results! They love their skin and are intrigued to learn more and ask more recommendations for their home care products because the results are truly amazing.