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True Causes of Acne and How to Restore the Skin Health

True Causes of Acne and How to Restore the Skin Health

Learn the DMK Philosophy of Skin Revision and Their Use of Home Prescriptives

Join Danné Montague-King founder of DMK International for this truly exceptional hour of skin care education.

Danné will share his expertise in skin care with us during this very special webisode of L+A Now! 

You will learn the DMK philosophy of skin revision and their use of home prescriptives.  

There really isn’t another educator as dynamic and thorough as Danné! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to spend time during a question and answer session, where you will be able to ask questions about dealing with acne clients!

Don’t miss this special 60 Minute Webisode.

Host: Danné Montague King

Founder of DMK International, Danné is a pioneer in his industry, Danné has seen the depths of depression associated with poorly functioning skin. In fact, his everlasting passion was born from his dissatisfaction with his own acne (scientifically known as acneic) as a teen. Many times he has shared the story of how his parents would take him to lavish events where he would find a dark corner to hide away in, ashamed of this blemished skin. Not understanding the condition completely and after failed attempts from top US dermatologists to cure his acne,

Danné took things into his own hands and desperate for a cure, became his own guinea pig. A string of breakthroughs, trials and tribulations, and many travels would follow, until he found his first true breakthrough in the 60’s involving vitamin C therapy.

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