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Intimate Brightening, Starting The Client Conversation

Intimate Brightening – Starting The Client Conversation

Learn How To Successfully Engage Clients in Conversations about Intimate Brightening

There’s no need to be embarrassed or to be concerned that you’ll make your client feel uncomfortable when you start a conversation about intimate brightening. You are a skin care professional and as such, you have to discuss skin conditions that you discover.  

The key is to use professional terms and relay the information as a result of observations that you make during a treatment. If clients have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on their face and or neck, it will most likely be present in other areas of the body. Especially intimate areas if the client shaves, waxes, or sugars.  It can also happen in the underarm from repeated shaving. 

If you’re waxing or sugaring a client, it’s a best practice to offer solutions to prevent ingrown hairs and the possible PIH that can be a result of an ingrown hair.  

Join us for a round table discussion with Alexis Stubler from PFB Vanish. We’ll talk about opening a dialogue with clients about intimate home care and brightening.

Alexis is going to share tips and insight from her top estheticians that use PFB Vanish on how to incorporate PFB Vanish products into hair removal services. She will also review how to best use the PFB product line at home, with tips on how to combine products together for best results.  

There will also be an all new vajacial with the PFB Vanish line of products.

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