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Improve Sales by Presenting Safety To Improve Confidence

Replay – L+A Now w Barry + Jenni

“Improve Sales by Presenting Safety To Improve Confidence” with The Facial Guardian

Don’t get left behind in the Covid-19 Crunch!!!

Improve your sales by creating a safe environment and showcasing that to your clients so they feel confident in coming in for a treatment.

As the skin care industry deals with Covid-19, it’s no longer about “are we allowed to perform services” it’s more about, “will clients feel safe getting treatments in our treatment rooms”?

Presenting an environment of SAFTEY + SANITATION is your most important priority to help you stay in business.  Being able to show clients that you are taking every precaution available to you to help mitigate the risk of transmission of the Corona Virus in your business, is VITAL!

Layering all barriers between the client and the esthetician and then showing that you are creating as many barriers to transmission will give your clients the confidence that you are working to reduce their risk in your treatment room.

Liz Munn is an esthetician and spa owner – she will be demonstrating The Facial Guardian.  Liz created The Facial Guardian to create an additional barrier between the esthetician and client.  This is a NEW TOOL in your arsenal of safety and prevention equipment that you can layer on top of the existing PPE that you use.  The Facial Guardian evokes a feeling of safety in your clients – when they see this CLINICALLY appearing plexi barrier divider.

Your skin care practice will appear more clinical, which only adds to all of the work that you do provide a SAFE + SANITARY environment for your clients.  Help your clients understand all that you do, by using The Facial Guardian in your skin care treatments.


The Facial Guardian Features

  • Patent pending barrier
    • Crystal clear polycarbonate for full visibility
    • Diminishes Claustrophobia
  • Use all your tools and implements in a spacious 12 inch high and 22 inch wide covered work area. The coverage is 15 1/2  inches between you and the front of the shield.
  • Allows for work on face, neck, and chest of client
  • The Facial Guardian can be used for seated or standing therapists
    • Estheticians
    • Massage Therapist
    • Lash artists
  • Includes The Guardian Connection to fit any size table 
  • Steam cleaning allows effective sanitation between clients without the use of chemicals and preserves the clarity of the material.  ​
  • Marketing photos and videos to inspire client and employee reassurance.  
  • Esthetician created and tested in the treatment room
  • The Facial Guardian is 100% recyclable
  • Materials sourced, manufactured and shipped by a woman-owned small businesses in Charleston SC USA.

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