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Ok, did we cover almost everything you can do to skin with products?  Probably not!  What’s the point?  The point is… that with great products many things are possible!  These products can be the tree-hugging, earthy, crunchy, granola organic skincare products or they can be ultra-scientific, chemically derived skincare products. 

Either way, when products are made with truly special, unique ingredients, they can achieve stellar results.  Often times products find tremendous success because product ingredients perform specific functions.  So when a product has a unique ingredient that can impact skin – it’s really important to know the unique ingredient and be able to chat about it with your clients.  

Unique Ingredients Can Do Unique Things

Are You An Ingredient Junkie?

Is there anything more fun than geeking out with other ingredient junkies over the list of active ingredients in a super charged skincare serum?  Have you read our article by Erink Madagin-Fleck “Advice From Our Experts:  Radical Connections”?  Erin talks extensively about some very unuiqe ingredients that can help to combat free radical damage.

Fabulously Unique Ingredients

Nothing is more impressive than an esthetician who can explain an obscure ingredient.  When they go on to explain how it’s sourced and how it impacts the skin, that builds such respect.  Clients love when the pro knows!  It’s comforting on their part.  They can trust that the pro will know what to do and how to do it.  It gives them permission to relax and enjoy!

This Weeks Part Of The Pack POP! – Fabulous Unique Ingredients in 5 Stand Out Products.

Nature Pure – Revitalizing Fruit Complex

Regestril™ is the unique ingredient that is featured in this powerful new complex.  Revitalizing Fruit Complex successfully works to clarify, tighten, retexture and revive sun damaged skin.

Want to know more about Regestril™ – CLICK HERE

Jenni received a customized Nature Pure Facial from Victoria! Check out the Facebook Live video of the treatment recap.

LaFlore – Probiotic Serum Concentrate

 Triphase Multibiotics! LaFlore is ahed of its time with this unique ingredient! Serum Concentrate is a power house, aloe based serum that calms, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and boosts the skin’s natural defense system.

 Want to know more about Triphase Multibiotics – CLICK HERE

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Dawn Lorraine Skincare – Green Tea Balancing Creme

Tumeric!  That’s what sets this Balancing Creme apart! Lovely lightweight quickly absorbing creme with Manuka Honey, Jojoba Oil and Turmeric. Low in oils for congested skin types but nourishing enough for combination skin. 

 Want to know more about Tumeric – CLICK HERE

If you haven’t experienced products from Dawn Lorraine yet, you are missing out on these award-winning organics!

Rococco Botanicals – VitaSkin

Nano Gold!  They use 24K Nano Gold + Royal Jelly for the ultimate in anti-aging luxury. Clinical studies have shown that within four weeks the appearance of wrinkles is reduced up to 55%. Your skin feels more balanced in oil flow.

Want to know more about Nano Gold – CLICK HERE.

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SilcSkin – Eye Pads

Silicone!  SilcSkin Eye pads are specifically designed to prevent wrinkles, bags and crepiness under the eyes and the crow’s feet area. Made of 100% medical grade silicone, they contain no allergy causing latex, urethanes, or adhesives

Want to know more about Silicone – CLICK HERE


We love SilcSkin!  We’ve featured them many times!  See all of our SilcSkin Features HERE

Wasn’t that fun?  If you thought learning about Nano Gold, Tumeric, Triphase Multibiotics, and Regestril™ then you’re definetly an ingredient junkie like us!  There are tons of amazing ingredients out there!  Finding products that use outside of the box thinking in their ingredient make up is so much fun!  It’s a true sign that a brand is leading the industry when they sell products that have ingredients that not many other brands offer. If you sell these types of products, you should be proud of what you’re offering!

We’d like to thank Dawn Lorraine Skincare, LaFlore, Roccoco Botanicals, Nature Pure and SilcSkin for sponsoring this article.

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