Waxing, tweezing, shaving, laser…Which hair removal method is right for you?

So.  Much.  Maintenance.

At least we have options, and here are a few pros/cons for each, and some insider secrets to get through each one.


Leave it to a pro.  One of the most popular, affordable, long-lasting options to maintain a smooth bikini bod all summer, this method is only left for the super brave DIY’er.  I’ve heard way too many horror stories of a girl trying to save a few bucks by doing her own waxing at home.  Word to the wise: it takes a lot of practice, and maybe a few glasses of wine to ease into.  But for most, it’s not worth it.

My all time favorite wax is Nufree, which is actually not a wax at all.  It is a botanical formula that only adheres to the hair, making it semi-painless since it isn’t tugging on your skin at the same time.  You can locate a Nufree salon here to make your experience that much nicer.


Probably best left for just the brows, this method is by far the easiest, and fairly fool proof.  However, we all remember our brows from high school, and they ain’t cute.  I totally recommend visiting a pro to create a shape for you that you can maintain in between appointments.  Who’s the best?  Nicck Townsend.  He had been specializing in brows for over a decade. Check him out if you are in Philly; you’ll thank me later.


No explanation needed.  However, a seriously amazing recommendation: Cremo.  This is a super unique shaving cream that isn’t like the Skintimate you are used to.  No foam, just a smooth silky layer of the most delicious smelling Coconut Mango cream.  It creates a super thin barrier between the blade and your skin, so you get a closer shave.

Laser Hair Removal.

The biggest investment of them all, but well worth it.  Typically, you will need at least three sessions (and many more for some areas), and you’ll have to space each of them apart about six weeks.  The sessions are slightly uncomfortable; I’d compare it to a rubber band snapping your skin (over and over and over…).  One way to make it more tolerable: NumbIT.  This is a topical anesthetic that contains 5% lidocaine, the highest you can get without a prescription.  A few layers of this spray and you’ll breeze through your appointment. (This stuff works wonders for waxing too!)

You’ve done all this hard work to attain this fuzz-free canvas; don’t forget to soothe the newly treated area.  There are two post-hair removal options that are on my go-to list:

1.  Finipil by Nufree.  Antibacterial, cooling, soothing antiseptic cream.  This is nice to reduce the redness after waxing and protects the empty hair follicle.

2.  PFB Vanish + Chromabright.  A roll-on product that treats any bumps you may have, prevents new ones from forming, and even addresses the hyperpigmentation you often get as a result.  This stuff is amazing.  Even my husband uses it as his aftershave.

Now who is excited to put on a bathing suit this weekend?

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