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Want to fight fine lines and wrinkles? Um, hello, have we met?  Yes, that’s like, my basic goal in life every single day!  Well, that and working out, drinking enough water, and sticking to my nutritionist’s meal plan to help keep me looking fit and trim!

Good Nutrition Helps Fight Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Turns out my nutritionist’s meal plan may actually be helping me to fight fine lines and wrinkles on my skin!  My meal plan allows for me to eat 200g of protein, 200g of carbohydrates and 60g of fat.  Which doesn’t allow for many empty calories, so I end up consuming very little sugar.

Barry Eichner

Why is less sugar better for the skin?

Because sugar causes glycation in the skin.

“The glycation process leads to a loss of protein function and impaired elasticity of tissues such as blood vessels, skin, and tendons.  learn more..

National Institute Of Health

It’s True Less Sugar Will Help You Fight Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Sorry to burst your bubble, but too much sugar leads to glycation which can cause fine lines and wrinkles!  But there is hope!  Thanks to years of science and tons of research we are able to give you some amazing news!  You can fight back at gylcation which will help you fight fine lines and wrinkles!

Fight Fine Lines and Wrinkles by Fighting Glycation

“Accordingly, an increasing list of natural antioxidants and chelating agents such as ascorbic acid, α-tocopherol, niacinamide, pyridoxal, sodium selenite, selenium yeast, trolox, rivoflavin, zink and manganese has been shown to inhibit glycation. read more….”

National Institute of Health

Fight Glycation:

It’s all about antioxidants!

When it all comes to down to it… at the end of the day… isn’t everything about antioxidants?  Let’s face it, oxidative stress is just rude!  I mean if there were antioxidants for the soul, we’d all be a lot better off!

Want To See How Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles Compare To the National Average?

VISIA® will show you what oxidative stress looks like!

Want to see it live, in vibrant color photos?

This is a photo of Jenni’s skin as seen in Visia® by Canfield Scientific, it shows an 8 point analysis of the skin, brown spots, fine lines, pore size and compares them to a national average in the VISIA data base.

Don’t let glycation win! Fight fine lines, wrinkles, and glycation with some high power antioxdant products for heaven’s sake! It’s super easy…. We found 5 antioxidant products for you this week!

This Weeks Part Of The Pack POP! – Fight Fine Lines and Wrinkles with 5 Glycation-busting Products

Repêchage  – Vita Cura® B3 Elixir Complex

An intense moisturizing complex with their most advanced formulation to target visible signs of aging skin. Featuring two forms of Hyaluronic Acid, it restores essential moisture deep within the surface layers of the skin while helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Want to Know How It Fights Glycation?  – CLICK HERE

For more articles on the Vita Cura Gold collection, CLICK HERE.

Dawn Lorraine Skincare  – Wild Berry Nutrient Creme

Drench skin with this deliciously rich creme.  

Antioxidant cocktail in a jar! Loaded with blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, rosehips & Ester C.

 Want to Know How This Fights Glycation? – CLICK HERE

You can read more about the products from Dawn Lorraine Skincare HERE!

Hale & Hush – Rare Retinal Serum

Revolutionary!  Featuring IconicA®, the latest optimal (and most biologically available) form of Vitamin A, merged with premier anti-glycation ingredients, this serum succeeds supremely in anti-wrinkle, anti-redness and pro-radiance results without any of the typical negative side effects of other retinoids, such as retinol.

Want to Know How This Retinal Serum Fights Glycation?  – CLICK HERE

Want to learn more at the cult favorite of many estheticians? You can learn more HERE!

Lira Clinical –SPF Solar Shield 30 Hydrating

A sunscreen with a boost!  Essential daily moisturizer with SPF 30 for normal to dry skin types. Hydrates with an array of nourishing botanicals and protects skin with powerful antioxidants.

Want to Know How an SPF Can Fight Glycation? –  CLICK HERE.

Barry is ging to use a Lira Trio for a few weeks!  This SPF along with the BIO Lift Cremè (Spanx for your face!) with epigenetic technology and the PRO Anti Aging Pads. Stay tuned for feedback…

Eminence Organics – Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil

Designed as a complementary product to the Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum, this facial oil fights the signs of aging, smooths wrinkles and hydrates deeply. For use with all skin types.   Winner of Best Facial Oil, Best Product Awards, LNE & Spa’s, 2019

Want to Know How This Facial Oil Can Fight Glycation? – CLICK HERE

We love Eminence’s new Stone Crop Body Collection! Great for spa treatments and home spa treats, learn more HERE.

When I first learned that sugar could cause fine lines and wrinkles, I was so blown away!  After learning that there was a solution, I was so relieved!  You can fight back at the effects of glycation by using products that have been formulated with the right ingredients!  

We’d like to thank Eminence Organics, Hale & Hush, Dawn Lorraine, Repêchage, and Lira Clinical  for sponsoring this article.

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