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Should you break up with your cleansing brush?

I get it, that buffed, smooth, extra clean feeling is amazing.  There is nothing like feeling squeaky clean and like you “really got all the dirt out”.  But is there a better way?  What if you have sensitive skin, or acne that you don’t really want to aggravate?

Meet My Skin Buddy.

This little device is a 4-in-1 facial tool that will become your new best friend.  You can use it while you cleanse, then while you apply any serums or treatment products, and even while you apply your moisturizer.  It is recommended to spend 2 to 3 minutes each time you use it (cleansing + product application).

How it works

1.  LED Therapy


To stimulate collagen renewal, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles AND pore size.


The antibacterial setting designed to help decrease oil production and inflammation.


For those hoping to address hyperpigmentation, even skin-tone, reduce inflammation, and reduce redness.


For the multi-tasker (me).  This setting does it all, alternating between each LED setting.

2. Ion Care

This provides a deeper clean and enhanced product penetration.  The + ion charge pushes dirt out of skin, while the – ion pushes product in skin.

3. Vibration

Designed to break up dirt and debris, this setting promotes more oxygen to your skin cells and provides a lifting effect.  Plus, it feels amazing and is kind of addicting.

4. Thermal Heat Therapy

Maybe my favorite setting of all.  It feels like you are getting a little at-home facial in two minutes in front of the TV.  Not only does this setting improve blood circulation, it tightens skin and reduces the appearance of your pores, a win-win.  I use this setting when I am cleansing to make any extractions easier…it is only on the RED light setting.

Is My Skin Buddy a necessity in your life?  Absolutely.  It does it all…deep pore cleansing, toning, tightening, stimulating collagen….what more could you ask for!?  Find your very own here