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DermaSwiss Antioxidant Treatment Review

IECSC Ft. Lauderdale Find: Our DermaSwiss Antioxidant Treatment Review

We love going to the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference four times a year so we can discover the best treatments and products, and this trip allowed us to discover and provide the DermaSwiss Antioxidant Treatment Review! It incorporates the NEWLY launched Derma C serum! 

DermaSwiss Derma C

The latest launch from DermaSwiss!

Helps even skin tone with its clarifying properties. Powerful antioxidant action. Reduces melanin production. Prevents skin aging. Helps maintain brighter and younger-looking skin. Promotes collagen production. Prevents the appearance of fine lines and age spots. Suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin. Apply pm.

DermaSwiss Antioxidant Treatment Review

One of the biggest struggles I have with my skin is hyperpigmentation.  After a beach vacation last year, it emerged with a vengeance…and has been the focal point of all my treatments since.  It is most prominent on my forhead and temples, so whenever I get peels or microneedling, we always spend the most time in this area.

The team at DermaSwiss knew exactly what to do!


Our mission:

is to bring you the highest concentration of the most effective active ingredients. A Swiss quality and an advanced skin care line, that gives you results.


The DermaSwiss Recovery Antioxidant Treatment

Objective: To fight free radical damage in sun damaged skin, smoking clients, asphyxiated skin, clients that travel frequently. Provides great antioxidant and nourishing effects for any skin type. 

1. Cleanse the skin with DermaCleanser.

2. Mix Dermascrub with 3 drops of Lactic Acid 50%. Apply to the skin and activate gently with a small fan brush. Leave it to act for 2 to 3 minutes (depending on skin condition).

3. Remove with plenty of water.

4. Apply Vitamin C mask. The patches of the mask must be diluted with Dermatonic, until you have achieved a thick consistent mixture. Add 4 pumps of Hyaluronic Acid or Derma C and Nanosphere Plus. Apply and massage for 5 minutes. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes.

DermaSwiss Vitamin C Mask

5. Remove thoroughly with plenty of water.

6. Apply DermaTonic Lotion.

7. Apply Hydra Q-10 or Ceramide NPx

8. Apply Dermasun SPF-25 to protect the skin from the sun.

I was thrilled with the results of this treatment!  The next day, my makeup application went on flawlessly.  I did not experience any down time, flaking, or other side effects.  I am looking forward to incorporating Derma C into my daily routine!


Watch our entire show recap here, which provides a sneak peek of the Derma C treatment from DermaSwiss!

Thank you to DermaSwiss for sponsoring this article.