Ok Pinterest, don’t tell me lemon juice squeezed on my face is going to cure all of my skin ailments.  Not only will I not believe you, I will think you are crazy because the pH level in lemon is 2.  If I was looking to do a chemical peel (also often ranging around a pH of 2 or 3), I would.  But a daily treatment of lemon juice disrupting the acid mantle of my skin sounds like an irritation waiting to happen.  Let’s leave the skin-changing regimens to the chemists; they are getting paid to formulate products that will safely work.

Last month, I had the chance to visit the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Supplier Day.  This group is dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic science, sharing industry insight and new innovations in the personal care industry.  Aisles upon aisles of ways to make this feel smoother, make that spread easier, and make your ingredients penetrate to where they need to go.

My favorite takeaways from the show:

1.  ‘Anti-Pollution’ Skincare Isn’t Going Anywhere – Knowing that pollution particles are 20x smaller than skin pores and can easily penetrate the skin barrier, this concept is a no-brainer in the world of anti-aging prevention.  These particles are free-radicals and need to be neutralized, and SPF alone isn’t going to cut it, especially when you live in an urban environment.  It will provide the layer of protection against UVA and UVB rays, but typically lacks the power to protect against pollution (smoke, smog, brake dust, etc).  Your favorite antioxidant product will provide the daily protection you need to walk out your front door, so no need to invest in an additional product to layer yourself with protection.  But you also need to cleanse the day away ; it is critical to clear your pores from the harmful effects of the outside world.  I love using a rich gel that provides lots of lather.

Bottom Line: Cleanse + Protect + Purify.

2.  A Real Life Bubble-Boy.  Imagine living life in a protective little bubble where nothing could prematurely age you.  Well, it could soon be possible with the help of Micah, an ingredient that claims to halt the photo-aging process before it begins.  Micah eliminates one of the key causes of UV-related aging by stopping the damage before it even has a chance to start.  According to Hallstar, the makers of Micah, “UV-induced skin aging is not merely stopped or repaired–it simply does not occur.”  Sign. Me. Up.

3.  You Really Can Go Skin Deep – Givaudan’s Active Beauty team created the ‘Skin Odyssey’, a virtual reality experience that allowed users to dive deep into skin.  What an amazing way to see where all of the effective ingredients in your favorite skincare are going!

4.  Selfie Solutions?  A new ingredient, 9576 Smooth Away Elastomer, is formulated to provide an blurring effect when incorporated into makeup.  It claims to minimize the appearance of pores and smooth out wrinkles. Who doesn’t wish they had the Snapchat filter permanently on their face?

 Photo Courtesy of Le Prunier Photo Courtesy of Le Prunier

3.  Now We Can Harness The Power of Plum – This caught my eye because I thought we’d seen all the oil trends!  Do you eat it?  Do you moisturize with it? (Turn to Pinterest, I am sure they’ve got a DIY recipe there).  What I found interesting about the La Prunier’s Plum Beauty Oil was  the antioxidant power and fatty acid  content it contained versus Marula, Argan, Coconut and Olive Oil.  It will fit right into your ‘Anti-Pollution’ routine!  It has a silky texture, as to be expected from an oil, yet leaves no residue.  Their extraction process is all natural and involves no chemicals, retaining the pure power of the plum oil.  Plus, it smells heavenly with a slightly earthy hint.  You may be seeing this ingredient find its way into your favorite beauty brands…stay tuned!

Listen, I am all about a DIY project.  In fact, my husband rolls his eyes when I come up with an ‘idea’ I plan to execute with ease and accuracy.  “Let me guess, Pinterest?”  But when it comes to skincare, I’ll leave it to reputable companies that have performed trials, done their research, and can anticipate how these ingredients are going to work within skin.

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