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4 Fall Skin Care Tips

Learn Our 4 Fall Skin Care Tips

Honestly, Fall is a sad time for me.  I LOVE summer and fall is a slow, cinnamon, pumpkin flavored reminder that, Winter Is Coming.  While I love cinnamon-pumpkin flavored anything, I really don’t love the darker and colder months!  

Sell The Pumpkin Just Like Starbucks

Yes, I do love pumpkin and I love it for skin care so the fall skin care tips that we have do include pumpkin! And one of our tips is to sell the pumpkin – just like Starbucks!    

L + A Fall Skin Care Guide

If you want a complete breakdown of 15 products that we love for Fall, then you’ll want to read the L+A Fall Skin Care Guide!

PSA for the PSL Addict:  There is pumpkin in The L + A Fall Skin Care Guide.

4 Fall Skin Care Tips:  Use Fall Habits + Weather For Better Skin 

We’ve just come out of the hot, sunny summer!  That means clients have been exposed to more sun, using more SPF (we hope), and have been exposed to more environmental damage.  Many times clients travel so they fall off of their regular skin care routine.  In summer, clients have different home care needs, so their products they have on their bathroom vanity aren’t going to help their skin in cooler temperatures.  Many clients also spend a lot of time during summer’s longer days out of the house and less time to multi-task a skin care routine.

Ahhhhhhh, welcome to Fall.  Those shorter days and cooler temperatures give you so much opportunity to help your clients find ways to take care of their skin!

Fall Skin Care Tip #1

Celebrate The Pumpkin

Ok, so you’re not really celebrating pumpkins.  However, it’s Fall and everyone is on the pumpkin bandwagon.  So don’t be afraid to jump on there too!  We found a newly launched oxygen treatment that has a pumpkin component to it!  This is perfect for Fall.  New season, new treatment.  What better headline is there than, “New Treatment For Fall!”

Institut’ DERMed – Bio-Derm Oxygen Treatment 

The Bio-Derm Oxygen Treatment Mask is the 2nd step of a 3-step intensive corrective treatment containing everything you would want in a skin rejuvenation treatment for acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, and sensitive skin.  The 3rd step is the amazing Pumpkin Oil …. read more

Fall Skin Care Tip #2

Use Shorter Days To Do Home Care

During Fall, days get shorter.  Day Light Savings Time starts, it’s dark at 4:30.  That tends to get most people home.  More and more folks are spending time watching TV, Netflix, HULU and Amazon Prime, while they scroll Instagram and Facebook!  It’s the perfect opportunity to use devices and implements that help improve skin.

SILCSKIN – Collette (Neck) Pads 

The Collette pads are specifically designed for the neck where sun exposure, aging and gravity wreak havoc on this area. . ….read more

Fall Skin Care Tip #3

Use The Newest Products

 When a brand launches a product in the Fall, it’s news.  These new products in Fall are great for the skin during the cooler months. Take advantage of that and create a campaign around new products for the Fall season!

LIRA CLINICAL – BIO Lift Crème with PFC 

Newly Lauched – advanced peptide crème is formulated with Epigenetic Technology, Swiss Apple, Sea Fennel, Alpine Rose and Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells. Lifts, firms, hydrates and heals skin….read more

Fall Skin Care Tip #4

Use Heavier & Richer Products

During Fall, it gets colder and dryer!  It’s not rocket science (to us, the skin care pros) that the skin will need different products than it needed in summer.  Your clients may not know that – so sell them what they need.

BelleCôte Paris – Ultra Lifting Day Cream with Caviar Extract

Potent bioactive elements from wild yam extract combine with rich caviar extract, marine peptides, and fatty acids to form an intensive treatment ideal for dry and mature skin…..read more

Fall is a great time to be in the skin care industry!  There are so many amazing changes happening in Fall that allow the skin care business to thrive!  You can be successful if you take these Fall Skin Care Tips and implement them.  Clients will love the results they get in thier skin when they are able to get Fall themed treatments and seasonally appropriate product suggestions.  

We’d like to thank BelleCôte Paris, Lira Clinical, Institut’ DERMed, and SilcSkin for sponsoring this article.