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4 Benefits Of CBD On Skin

4 Benefits Of CBD On Skin

Curious to know the Benefits of CBD on skin?  Then you’re not alone!  When we first started to write about CBD it was as if we were learning to speak a new language.  There was a whole new set of terms that we needed to learn in order to understand just what the hell CBD was and how exactly it worked on the skin.

In fact, we were so confused that we asked the CEO of a CBD based skincare brand to break it down for us.


Twompson Explains CBD In Skincare

4 Benefits Of CBD On Skin – What Does That Mean For The Treatment Room?

Science also revealed CBD provides a regulation in:

1. Sebocyte Differentiation
2. Cell Proliferation
3. Melanogenesis.
4. Anti-inflammatory

All 4 of these mean CBD infused products would make a great addition to acne facials, anti-aging treatments and pigment regulating products. Read Full Article Going Green Wtih CBD Skincare

Ella Cressman

4 Benefits Of CBD Skincare

Thanks to Ella we have 4 benefits of CBD on skin that are rock solid!  CBD helps to regluate so many vital functions in the skin that it can be beneficial to those with acne, hyperpigmentation issues and those who are trying to do their best to age beautifully.  It may seem like a trend because using CBD has been so taboo because it is sourced from Cannabis, which is just starting to gain main stream acceptance and becoming legal in more and more areas of the country.  This newly found legal status is making CBD a new frontier for many product formulators.  

4 CBD Skincare Products You’ll Love

We have sourced 4 skincare products that are part of reputable brands.  You can choose from a cleanser, facial oil, a serum and a multi-use CBD Booster!  Try one or try them all, we love all 4 of them.  We have a long list of CBD products that we love, you can see them all here.

This Weeks Part Of The Pack POP! 

4 Products To Get The 4 Benefits of CBD on Skin

CannaTera  – Ageless Bundle

Enjoy the benefits of this Perfect Trio! Cleanser, serum and moisturizer.  Each and every active ingredient was chosen to leave your skin beautifully hydrated with a balanced glow. Refresh, revive, renew your skin with Cannatera.

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Barry met with CannaTera at the IECSC in Las Vegas and just HAD to know more! The cleanser in this bundle is silky, lathers well, and has an amazing fragrance! 

California Skincare Supply-CBD Hyaluronic Acid Serum by ExPürtise

ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging CBD Hyaluronic Acid Serum firms, tones and revitalizes skin while helping to stimulate collagen activity. High concentrations of cannabidiol hemp oil targets inflammation and regulates oil production returning sebum production to homeostasis, leaving the face brightened, nourished and hydrated. Perfectly pH balanced, for all skin types.

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Did you know ExPürtise launced an app? Check out the video we did when they launched!

Glymed Plus – CBD Booster

This potent regenerative booster contains the purest form of Cannabis Sativa (CBD) grown in the USA and controlled by the Department of Agriculture to fight against premature aging and other skin conditions. This perfected serum is concentrated to enhance any treatment, or GlyMed Plus formula to instantly immerse the skin with one of the most powerful antioxidants, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and neutralizing free radical damage.

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You know we are obsessed with this booster.  Barry uses it every day!

Nature Pure – Luminous Glow CBD Face Oil

This invigorating handcrafted exotic beauty oil restores and enhances skin’s natural radiance and beauty. Formulated for easy absorption and immediate results, the oil enriches skin with a plethora of antioxidants, omegas, and a 99.84% CBD isolate. The luxurious nutrient-rich vegan holistic blend of Cannabis Sativa, Hippophae Berries, Marula, Amaranth, Argan, and Moringa herbal oils plus a Pomegranate tincture works intensively to repair, purify, diminish signs of fatigue, deeply moisturize and keep skin looking supple and ageless.

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Did you see the video of Jenni immediately after she received a custom holistic facial with Victoria at Nature Pure?  Check it out!

So there you have them.  4 products that we know you’ll love to get the 4 beneits of CBD on skin. We know this because we know the products and trust these brands to supply you with the best!  

We’d like to thank Glymed Plus, CannaTera, California Skincare Supply and Nature Pure  for sponsoring this article.