A guest post written by Richard Merrill-Rivas

Spas are no longer only a women’s retreat! Each year more men are seeking refuge in spas around the globe. From detoxing and brightening skincare treatments to hydrating beard treatments; men’s treatments have been on a fast and furious ride to the top. With the recent spotlight on scruffy facial hair trends, the buzz continues to grow.

But, do men really know what to expect during their first visit to the spa?

Fret not, we will uncover the exciting world together just in time for pampering up the Dads and Grads in your life.

During an initial visit to your local day spa, here are the top three things you should expect to experience:

  1. Consultation: Skincare for men is no longer just shave cream and bar soap. Understanding lifestyle, diet and stress levels will allow your skin care professional to recommend the appropriate skin care regimen and treatment frequency. Men’s skin is generally thicker and run’s on the oily side of the spectrum making the primary goal for your first treatment to be about understanding how you will add a few easy steps into your day, so BE HONEST!
  2. Treatment: Men’s facials are no longer just steaming, hot towels and clay masks. To truly bring men’s skin back to balance you will most likely receive a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, extractions and a customized mask that will treat your most pressing skin concerns. But with the rise in facial hair came an exciting new trend in the treatment room. Beard treatments can include an infusion of essential oils, high frequency to stimulate hair growth and perhaps a custom hair mask for hydrating that brittle scruff. Whatever your skin care professional decides you are guaranteed to de-stress and look handsome.
  3. Home Care Recommendations: Home care is 70% of your results and every skin care professional will finish of your fresh new look with a home care treatment plan that is simple and built around your schedule and level of commitment.

As a licensed professional, I have 4 products I recommend every male client take home, especially if they are not getting to the treatment room regularly:

MANN Active Face Wash by Saian Skincare
(Use code “RMREsthetics” 15% off & free shipping)
Bar soap is never the solution as it will dehydrate the skin and increase oil production while this face wash acts as both a daily beard cleanser and facial exfoliant because it contains glycolic acid.

 Absorb Serum - Tu'el  Absorb Serum – Tu’el

Absorb Serum by Tu’el Skincare
Once you remove the dirt, debris and oil from the skin it’s important to hydrate the skin without leaving the skin shiny and this product is fast absorbing and will quench every man’s thirst for healthy skin!

Balancing Act Essential Oil by Tu’el Skincare
An excellent beard oil!
A few drops applied to the face morning and night will help to control and balance oil, refine the pores and uneven tone and nourish the skin.

 MANN Active Water Resistant SPF 30 - Saian MANN Active Water Resistant SPF 30 – Saian

MANN Active Water Resistant SPF 30 by Saian Skincare
(Use code “RMREsthetics” 15% off & free shipping)
This moisturizing SPF is perfect for those out in the sun to protect from sun damage and wind.

Whether you’re just graduating and headed to hang with the guys at the fraternity or in the middle of your career looking to impress your next client, having a strong skin care game is going to be important to your overall success. So pick up the phone and schedule your appointment today!

Richard Merrill-Rivas is a 15+ year beauty industry professional and educator, award-winning licensed esthetician, makeup artist and a certified holistic health coach in the state of California. He is passionate about training and mentoring professionals in the spa industry and this motivated him to develop partnerships with leading industry brand and associations such as the National Aesthetic Spa Network to support professionals in acquiring affordable continuing education for rewarding and successful careers.

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