A guest post, written by Lacey Gogarty, Licensed Esthetician

After following Lacey on social and seeing the amazing results she was achieving with her clients, we wanted in on the secrets!  We wanted to know about microcurrent!  As Lacey states, “My particular interest lies in the use of microcurrent technology to recharge, restore and renew my client’s skin to preserve and repair a youthful appearance.”  YES PLEASE!

 Lacey using the 7E Myolift Ultramicrocurrent. Lacey using the 7E Myolift Ultramicrocurrent.

What is microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrent is a low-level electric current that mirrors the body’s own natural current, by sending soft, gentle waveforms through the skin, tissues, and down to the facial muscles.   True microcurrent should provide a relaxing and comfortable experience with no pain in the gain.

The intended use of microcurrent is to diminish the signs of aging by:

  • reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • lifting droopy eyelids
  • reducing dark circles and puffiness
  • strengthening and lifting the skin
  • tightening and reducing the size of pores
  • improving skin texture and color
  • reducing acne
  • increasing blood circulation to the face

The results are progressive and cumulative and provides a non-invasive, preventative and corrective treatment for aging skin.

Why are there so many ways to administer microcurrent therapy?

7E wellness is the pioneers in microcurrent. We specialize in microcurrent for the mind, body and skin fitness. We have two skin fitness microcurrent devices. Our Myolift Ultra is the professional unit that allows the therapist to work with 7 different waveforms to treat the skin at 7 different levels. Enhancing the professional treatment to achieve optimal results. It’s my favorite treatment for my clients. Our other device is called Myolift and it is portable rechargeable battery that works in 2 waveforms allowing the user to work the facial muscles for lifting, toning and a smoother more youthful appearance. Our devices can be used with any of our accessories for the delivery of the microcurrent.


The devices come with 2 probes which allow the user or therapist to work in the pinching and holding technique. This allows the current to reach optimal level of the muscles and tissues. Our newest accessory is our probe that is in a Y shaped head. This probe is wonderful for the home user of the Myolift portable device. It has rotating  metallic spheres that as the gliding  motion is happening on the skin the metallic spheres are moving which is creating a nice and slight pucker of the skin. This pucker is allowing a small pinch for the current to reach deeper. This newest tool allows the user to free up one hand and really become comfortable using microcurrent.


“Microcurrent =❤️ at 7E Wellness. We hashtag #liftingwellness because we lift wellness for the mind, body and skin!”

We also have gloves which when dampened and the lead wire is attached to the machines the therapists or users hands become the delivery method. Very much a personal touch and a massage like feeling when gloves are used. The pinching and holding is done with our hands verse the probes.

finger applicator

We also have a quick lift finger applicator which slides onto your finger which allows your fingers to glide to deliver the current. The applicator is rubber-like, so easily bendable for the grip of the pinch and hold.

eye mask

We also have an adhesive eye mask that attaches with lead wire to the machines to allow a custom microcurrent eye treatment allowing the hands to be free while the eyes get their workout. I love this in treatment for my clients eyes because while they are on the machine I can be doing a scalp massage. This allows a customized eye treatment for the menu as well. Plus as the client purchases a series microcurrent treatments the eye mask becomes for there own use 10-12 uses out of one mask.

adhesive electrodes

Another accessory is our adhesive electrodes that can be placed on the lower jaw for toning and lifting. It’s similar to the video Kim Kardashian posted recently. She was receiving a microcurrent treatment and her lower face was being treated with electrodes. These make great spot treatments for areas of concerns.

Whichever tool you select to use is based on preference. With all the options of delivery one thing remains constant: microcurrent is a great modality that is FDA cleared for facial toning and stimulation. Clients love the results!

Why do I advocate for Microcurrent Therapy?

 Betty Joe's results after 12 sessions of microcurrent. Betty Joe’s results after 12 sessions of microcurrent.

Within the medical esthetic industry, there are various treatments available to enhance the appearance of the skin.   My approach enables me to combine East and West technologies to maximize results.  Microcurrent therapy can be a wonderful stand-alone treatment or it can be used in conjunction with many other clinical services such as light chemical peels, microdermabrasion, LED lights, botox and fillers (two-weeks after injectable treatments), microneedling, lasers, and other invasive procedures following post-operative protocols.

In almost all of my treatments, I customize and create an opportunity to utilize microcurrent.   My favorite microcurrent device is made by a California based company called 7E-Wellness Myolift Ultra-Professional. I chose this company’s particular device because they have pioneered microcurrent technology for skin fitness, is result-oriented, and FDA cleared.  This professional unit allows me to utilize 8 different waveforms to treat various layers of the skin.

If you are looking for further training and advanced education on microcurrent, see Lacey’s training schedule.


Yours truly,


Lacey has been practicing as a licensed esthetician in the State of NJ since 2007.  She holds a Business degree from Rutgers University.   Prior to becoming a licensed esthetician, she worked within the industry as a skin care brand manager.  In furtherance of her career goals, she decided to focus on a hands-on approach to helping others improve the quality of their skin, thus accepting her current position as head esthetician at Improve Health Care Solutions in Manasquan, NJ.

You can follow Lacey on Instagram @laceylovesskin.

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