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How Home Care Devices Boost Treatment Results

How Home Care Devices Boost Treatment Results

The first computer created in 1946 weighed 30 tons, now 78 years later there are lap tops that weigh 4 pounds. This same level of innovation has happened with device technology in the professional skin care industry. 

Join Shawna Rocha, international award-winning esthetician, spa owner, and National Director of Education for this one hour webisode. It’s common knowledge that skin care treatments are not nearly enough to foster and maintain healthy skin. We all know that home care is 80% of the job! As the professional skin care segment of the beauty industry continues to expand, so does its ability to innovate. The tech sector of the beauty industry is exploding, allowing companies to offer technology in handhelds that previously didn’t exist.

Shawna will showcase the incredibly advanced technology that scientists are able to harness in small hand held devices that clients can now use at home to bolster their results over and above treatments. 

Join us Wednesday, September 25th  at 2PM EST.

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