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BiON’s Teen Acne Success Story

Treating Teen Acne in 3 Steps

Teen acne can be a really hard situation for young men and women to manage. Just as these boys and girls start to grow into men and women, when they’re learning how to find their voice – teen acne can come along and create an obstacle.

Luckily BiON Skincare offers a 3 step acne protocol that can help change the course and eliminate this obstacle.

BiON Skincare’s Teen Acne 3 Step System

Jenni’s nephew Nick, is an example of how teen acne can become an obstacle.  Luckily, Jenni was able to get Nick some products from BiON Skincare and a treatment a medspa to help treat his teen acne.

3 of BiON’s Acne Products.

Nick’s BiON 3 Step Teen Acne System

Cleanse AM + PM with Bacteriostat Cleanser

Mandelic 5% Toner Pads in the evening 3 times a week

Oil Free Moisturizing Gel AM + PM 



One Acne Treatment

Nick went to Boho MedSpa for one treatment.  He saw Sydni, who is driven by a desire to be a difference-maker. Her thirst for knowledge to correct skin issues is just one part of her devotion to impact the people she touches. Born an overachiever and natural leader was obvious when she graduated Aveda with awards for, Student of the Month, Outstanding Performance, Initiative Award, and the honorary Aveda Award. At home, Sydni takes joy in loving on her Maltese dog named Piper and finds happiness having many plants in her apartment, she especially loves her Song of India plant that makes her place feel like the tropics. We know Sydni will check all the boxes of what you are looking for in an Esthetician.

teen acne

On Products For 1 Month
Top Image is Day 1 – Bottom Image is 1 Month

teen acne

On Products For 2.5 Months
Top Image is Day 1 – Bottom Image is 2.5 Months

teen acne

Nick’s Feedback

Nick is Jenni’s nephew. He sent a text to Jenni giving her feedback on his skin.


We’ll continue to track his progress and success!

teen acne

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