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Multi-Task Make Super Bowl Sunday A Skincare Sunday

Do Double Duty on Super Bowl Sunday

Turn Super Bowl Sunday into a chance to do all of those skin care activities that take a little extra time! Multi-Tasking is the way to get things done and since you’ll be social distancing, the regular Super Bowl parties will probably be a little more intimate.  You can definitely do double duty with a little skin care gloss!

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Multi-Tasking Skin Care Into The Super Bowl Sunday Party

Ok, we’re not saying this is a, “straight up robe and slippers” kind of day.  It’s not – we get it.  Well, if that’s your jam we’re not gonna yuck your yum!  But we’re not saying you have to! But listen to our argument.

How many times have you said, if I had the time….

I would……

“Do more to take care of my skin.”

“Use that LED Light Therapy Device more.”

“Use my Rose Quartz Roller more…”

“Do a face mask!”

You get the idea, we all have so many things that we’d do to our skin if we had a little more time.  Well, not us [Barry + Jenni], we do these things all the time! It’s like, our thing!

5 Skin Care Treats To Multi-Task on Super Bowl Sunday

#1 Work That Cleanser

Please – just make sure you’re doing a good cleanse.  Obvi, you have to take a shower, we’re asking for 45 – 60 seconds when you get ready on game day! 45-60 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!! Take the time to really work that cleanser, we’re talking 45-60 seconds of working the cleanser into your skin.  Maybe even use MYSKINBUDDY or OctoVie if you want to be extra, but no pressure!  

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#2 Exfoliate + Mask In 1 Step

Ok, we know you’ll be making food. Don’t lie – we know there’s some TikTok or Pinterest recipe that you have on deck that you need to make. You know that’s gonna take at least – at least – at the bare minimum 15 min – 30 min. Hear us out on this – pop on a face mask while you’re cooking – maybe even snap a selfie of you doing it – you know you’ll get a ton of likes on Instagram when people see you in a Face Mask in the Kitchen.  It’s so Cher! If Barry were doing a mask while making his famous Turkey Garbanzo BeanChili he might use the new Herbal Skin Solutions Mask Exotic Exfoliating Enzyme Mask.

#3 Rose Quartz Roll

Here’s the real deal, it’s great for your skin to use a rose quartz roller. Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to get in some Rose Quartz time.  While you’re watching the game with one eye and scrolling TikTok watching Jenni throw shade at Rodan + Fields with the other eye.  You’ll have one and free to roll the ZAQ Ultra Sonic Rose Quartz Roller on your face. Here’s the benefits of Rose Quartz Rolling according to Healthline.com

  • Improves blood circulation in the face
  • Helps with stuffy sinuses
  • Decreases puffiness
  • Cools and soothes your skin
  • Distributes skincare product

#4 Shed Some Light On It

After you’ve done the Rose Quartz Roller, grab your Celluma Pod and give your skin a burst of LED Light Therapy!  That extra ATP will help your skin fight off all sugar and alcohol you’re guzzling down, real talk, the ATP may not be able to do all of THAT, but it is definitely good to help kick start collagen production and we LOVE that!

#5 Double Duty Hydrate Winter Dry Skin

We have 10 amazing tips for hydrating winter dry skin, but for this example – we’re coming for your cocktails!

Ok we know you’re gonna be having some cocktails.  We have a suggestion to help your skin stay hydrated from the inside out! Try having a few servings of water.  S T O P!  Just in between cocktails!

If regular-degular water isn’t your thing – we get it!  Try the new AHA Sparking water!  We’re obsessed with the Orange/Grapefruit.  You can also try Minna Sparking Green Tea!


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