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Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment? A Spray Tan!

Yes! Spray Tans Are The Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment


Spray Tan – A Growing Demand For Glowing Skin

Spray tans are the best anti-aging skin care product!  Nothing prevents the damaging, aging effects of UVA and UVB rays better than avoiding the sun.  Nothing helps reduce the chances of skin cancer more than getting a spray tan!  If you’ve already got a glow, then there is no need to bask in the sun.

We completely understand the desire for a bit more color.  That feeling you get when you start seeing a little more sunshine, putting away one or more of your heavy winter coats, and seeing a bit more skin: you feel washed out.  The best way to quickly overcome this feeling is a spray tan! The service is quick, easy, and can last up to 10 days. 

As a former mobile spray tanning business owner, there has always been a market for this service, however, now I am starting to see a rise in demand! The past stigmas associated with a ‘fake tan’ no longer exist.  Formulas have drastically advanced to avoid the undesired orange hue and provide completely customized colors for each client. The fragrances have been improved upon to nearly eliminate the identifiable smells. And, you can even work with organic formulas! We’ve come so far since I launched my business in 2011!

How Spray Tans Have Evolved 

There has definitely been a rise in spray tans over the last few years.  It may be that consumers are more aware of possible damage from the sun exposre?  It may also be, that spray tans now look so real and natural! 

Within the last few years they have really advanced the formulas and solutions. Applications are simpler because formulations have become more sophisticated from naturally derived ingredients making them safer and easier to use. The new formulations also require little down time after application, so you don’t have to wait so long to shower, this has been a contributing factor to the increased demand for spray tans.  

Jena Hyunh

Owner + Make Up Artist, Smoke Bomb Beauty

Spray Tan Prep

This is an ideal service to add to your treatment menu! You can offer retail scrubs and body exfoliants to allow clients to prep for the service, and hydrating body products to assist in prolonging the lifespan of the tan.

Should You Do Body Exfoliation Before Spray Tan?

“Should” feels inadequate. Exfoliation is essential for all forms of professional or self-tanning. Liken the process to painting a wall with an uneven surface. The thick layers of dead keratin that makes up the top layer of our skin is always shedding. Exfoliating prior will remove the topmost cells with the weakest bonds creating an even application with a natural, longer-lasting finish. Prime time for the pre-tanning scrub down is the night before.”

Excerprt from Body Exfoliation: The Science Behind The Glow 


Richard Maher

Guest Blogger, Advice From Our Experts

No More Snooki

Gone are the days of the orange glow

“I think Snooki really brought a different approach to sunless tanning. Not totally in a bad way, but definitely created a path for companies to upgrade their formulas and understand the need for more. I think back then there was really only one solution that they were using. Now there are hundreds of solutions for all different skin tones/undertones. The DHA ingredients were pretty much all the same and not organic like they are now. I think the “orange” stereo-type really kick started the need for a change in the tanning world!” Jena H., Smoke Bomb Beauty

Boost Skin Care Sales + Save Skin with Spray Tans

Want to grow the sales in your business?  Want to help educate your clients on skin health?  Want to open up conversations about antioxidants in skin care?  Want to open up conversation about SPF?  Want to open up conversation about hyperpigmentation?

Add Spray Tans to your treatment menu.

When clients ask about them, you can explain how the sun impacts skin and how it can age their skin. You can explain how dark spots form.  You can explain how collagen breaks down.  You can explain how the face begins to sag, how nasal labial folds are formed.  You can explain how crow’s feet are formed.  Not to mention how melanoma begins.

Then get them booked for a spray tan and make sure they get SPF and antioxidant products!  Want some great suggestions for antioxidants for spring?  Check out the L+A Ultimate Spring Skin Care Guide.

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