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Pelvic Floor Health With Musclesculpt

Pelvic Floor health is a huge issue in women’s wellness. We have seen more and more wellness spas focusing on Vaginal health and intimate wellness. Jenni’s even experienced the Yoni Steam at a spa in New Jersey that offers the vaginal steaming treatment as part of their menu. Now you can help clients with Pelvic Floor Health along with their skin care and body care.

 “SESHA is excited to announce their expansion toward whole body wellness. Self-care and skincare is not just for the face. We are recognizing an increased demand for non-invasive, pain-free services with no downtime for both the face and body.”

Pelvic Floor Health

MuscleSculpt Pelvic Attachment

For many women, after childbirth, incontinence and pain are common, and many suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction.  Now there is help to improve Pelvic Floor health. The pelvic attachment for the MuscleSculpt device helps to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic area with the same high-frequency magnetic vibration energy offered in the body treatment handles.

Client is Fully Clothed For Pelvic Floor Health Treatment 

The MuscleSculpt Pelvic Floor Health treatment is easy to perform and non-invasive for the client. After programming the settings on the device dashboard, the client simply sits on the attachment fully clothed for 30 minutes. Various pulses and vibrations alternate over the treatment time, with no discomfort. Settings can be adjusted and increased as more treatments are completed.

Sesha’s Array of Machines and Devices For Skin + Body

Right now the MuscleSculpt can be used with Sesha’s Anti-Cellulite Body Montage, a cream used with the MuscleSculpt treatment for skin tightening! The MesoBotanica treatment tool can be used in conjunction to help with stretch marks!

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