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Spilling the Tea On A Natural Skincare Scenario

Spilling the Tea On A Natural Skincare Scenario

We have an amazing new find for you!  L+A Meet SKINISIN LLC!  This spa in Washington D.C. started because the CEO + Creative Director had to make a product for her skin because nothing else worked for her!  Patrice Spriggs made her own skincare product, then became an esthetician and then opened a spa.  Our favorite part is that she fully embraces the role of stress on the skin’s condition, so much so that she created a Skin Detox Tea. 

So, here’s the tea…

“So I actually started as a skincare DIY enthusiast because a lot of products didn’t work for my skin. I grew up having issues with acne and decided to take the holistic route, and started concocting my own products and they ended up working for me.The first thing I ever made was the Overnight Scenario Night Repair Serum.

Patrice Sprigs
CEO + Creative Director SKINISIN LLC

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 Overnight Scenario Night Repair Serum Tired of waking up with dull skin? Overnight scenario is here for you. Squalene and Rosehip delivers the supple smooth texture your skin has been craving. While Seabuckthorn, Neem, and Lavender fight acne and blemishes while you get your beauty rest. So don’t worry about the night you’ve had, overnight scenario has you covered! Literally. Ingredients: Squalene oil, Rosehip oil, Seabuckthorn oil, Borage Seed oil, Lavender, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh essential oil, Neem oil, Lemon essential oil.

I was having issues with finding the right corrective serum that didn’t dry me out and was hydrating and also treated my problem areas. When I say, that after 1 week I saw a huge difference in my skin, I decided that I wanted to share my beauty secret with the world. But I didn’t want to just sell a product, I wanted to know more about skincare, I needed to master it. So, I decided to go to school to get my esthetics license. I enrolled in March 2018 and graduated December 2019. I launched SKINISIN LLC January 2019, doing pop-up spa’s in the Washington, DC area and selling skin care products.

Patrice Spriggs

CEO / Creative Director, SKINISIN LLC

Acne is definitely something I’m passionate about because I suffered from it all through middle school. I know what it can do to your confidence, to walk outside and have a huge pimple on your forehead. So my aim is to make women and men feel confident in the skin they’re in. Nothing says confidence like baring it all. But it starts from the inside hence why I named my business “Skin-is-in” because your skin is going to regurgitate and reflect whatever you put in the body. So that is why I created the Skin Detox Tea. It focuses on purifying the blood and cleanses the liver and kidneys, giving the skin a radiant glow!

Skin Detox Tea,  our skin reflects our diet and lifestyle choices, cleansing from the inside out promotes healthier skin. SKINISIN Detox Tea fights hormonal acne and blemishes, flushes the liver and kidneys, and will give you a radiant glow.

Key Ingredients:

  • Burdock Root: Removes toxins from blood, eliminates acne, has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, boosts organ health and immunity, prevents and fights cancer, treats PCOS and menstrual abnormalities, promotes kidney health, fights eczema, helps stabilize blood sugar, and gives you supple and younger looking skin.

  • Dandelion Root: Removes toxins from the body, regulates hormones, treats acne, eliminates skin inflammation, dark spots and pimples, treats eczema and psoriasis, acts as a strong diuretic freeing the body of harmful toxins, brightens the skin, makes skin firm and wrinkle free, and has anti-aging properties.

  • Rose: Treats painful cramping and bloating, contains anti-inflammatory properties, hydrates and tightens the skin, great source of vitamin c, boosts immune system, promotes the production of collagen, contains antibacterial properties that improve acne, soothes sore throats and symptoms of the common cold and flu, improves digestion, promotes good bacteria in the gut, treats constipation, and alleviates stress and anxiety.

Stay Tuned For The Reivew….

We’re so pumped about these two products and can’t wait to try them. The more we learn about skincare, the more we realize that what we put in our body and how we take care of our soul manifests on the skin.  Glow from withIN at SKINISIN!  

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