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Which Comes First, Inflammation or Compromised Skin?

Inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea or acne (or even aging) are often intrinsic and create or are accompanied by co-issues (hyperpigmentation, hydration/moisture imbalance, collagen, and elastin damage-causing changes in the structure of the skin).

Compromised skin is often linked to extrinsic issues, like environmental factors, topical irritants, or even inflammatory skin conditions, that disrupt the skin’s barrier function.

These conditions often present in conjunction, like two wicked troublemakers. If left untreated or unaddressed, the condition can end up progressing from compromised and irritated to acutely inflamed, leaving the skin vulnerable and weak. Weak skin does not perform (or function) properly and can lead to triggering chronic conditions, and even advanced aging of the skin.

Whether skin is inflamed and compromised or compromised and inflamed, the key to extinguishing and restoring skin health lies in examining the essential functions of the skin to identify where there is dissension in the skin cell ranks.

5 Clinical Skincare Approaches To Inflammatory Skin

Though the skin performs many functional roles, Lira Clinical considers five essential functions for clinical skincare approaches, like compromised or inflamed skin:

  1. Barrier Protection (Hydration)
  2. Immune Function (Defense)
  3. Skin Renewal (Exfoliation)
  4. Melanin Response (Protection)
  5. Maintaining Dermal Structure (Organization of Cells)
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Contribution by The Lira Clinical Education Team.  

Lira Clinical was created by four passionate skincare professionals and educators who wanted to take today’s skincare to a brighter, more beautiful level. All with specialized backgrounds in the aesthetic industry, they combined their knowledge and skills to develop a skincare think tank. Here they created a line with three outcomes in mind: Brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin. They accomplished this by incorporating formulations that find the perfect balance between science and nature.

Lira Clinical believes that science discovers nature’s secrets and leads to bright, beautiful, healthy skin. Our award-winning formulas combined with our dedicated team, provides the aesthetic community with the world’s most effective skincare products, education, and support, all focused on helping you and your clients.

Be Bright. Be Beautiful.

Barrier Protection + Immune Response

For compromised skin, it is imperative to immediately restore Barrier Protection with proper hydration. Formulations that contain bioavailable ingredients like antioxidants, colloidal minerals (especially silver and gold), restorative plant stem cells, and advanced delivery molecules help to then strengthen the skin’s Immune Function providing defense against skin antagonists. These are obvious factors and are immediately evident as needing to be addressed.

“Lira Clinical Products for restoring Barrier Protection and Strengthening Immune Function in compromised or inflamed skin include:BIO Hydra C Serum (fermented olive leaf extract probiotics), BIO Hydra Infusion, MYSTIQ Infused C.” Francine

Skin Renewal + Melanin Response

What is also happening to the skin, and often goes unaddressed, is the effect of compromised or inflamed skin on the other essential skin functions. With any sort of skin inflammation, the body’s natural instinct is to attempt to repair it. This means Melanin Response is called into action to protect from the perceived threat, and Skin Renewal is influenced to either speed up or slow down, causing a disruption in healthy function. Skincare ingredients such as brightening agents (like the combination of sea fennel Plant Stem Cell, Hexylresorcinol, Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Licorice Root, and Gooseberry) and anti-inflammatory agents (Mastiha, Glutathione, Green Tea, and Edelweiss Plant Stem Cell) calm and regulate melanin production to avoid an opportunity for hyperpigmentation.

When skin is irritated or compromised, exfoliation is not always a consideration, though it is an important function that must be regulated. Think of a traffic light controlling access from an on-ramp to a highway. It is important to manage the flow of skin cell production to avoid an over or under abundance, which leads to more inflammation or a further compromised condition. The key is to support natural exfoliation without causing additional inflammation. For this, the perfect ingredient is retinaldehyde hydroxysome™.

“Lira Clinical Products for managing Melanin Response and Skin Renewal in compromised or inflamed skin include: PRO Lite Serum, MYSTIQ iLuminating Beauty Oil, PRO Retinal-Plus Treatment.” Francine 

Managing Dermal Structure

Additionally, the influence of compromised or inflamed skin can take a toll on the dermal layer of the skin – collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts. The best way to avoid dermal degradation and Maintain Dermal Structure is with … you guessed it, SPF. But not just any SPF will do. Physical Solar Shield moisturizers that wick heat from the skin and deliver skin-strengthening ingredients will help alleviate symptoms of compromised and inflamed skin and will aid in returning skin to a healthy state. Zinc and Titanium should be complimented with Peptides, Plant Stem Cells, Botanicals, and especially the breathable capabilities of a triple silica healing matrix.

“Lira Clinical Products for protecting and Maintaining Dermal Structure include:SPF Solar Shield 30 Oil Free, Hydrating or Classic Tint, BB Crèmes (Breathable coverage that releases heat).” Francine

In the treatment room, a client with compromised and inflamed skin would mean professionals are limited to only addressing a few essential functions. Now, we can effectively consider the skin in its entirety; providing the perfect protocol which includes calming and soothing elements, while still providing healthy skin stimulation. The 2022 Lira Clinical Elements Luxury Treatment Guide incorporates an incredibly functional calming protocol. The Calming Elements Treatment considers compromised skin and inflammation by addressing the functions of the skin. The result? Bright, beautiful skin and the perfect addition to your treatment offerings. 

The connection between inflamed and compromised skin is undeniable. The solution comes from intentional homecare products and treatments combined with clinical protocols. It is the combination of these, The System, that brings relief and restores healthy skin function.

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