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Niche Brand Announces 5 year Anniversary Sale

Niche Brand Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

Hale and Hush Announces Anniversary Sale

As on the truly digitally advanced brands do – Hale and Hush announced a huge 5 year anniversary sale via Instagram!  We love it when brands leverage digital to break truly big news!  The Hale and Hush fans went a little crazy with excitement in the comments and Hale and Hush jumped right into the conversation with their community!

Students were asking if they could purchase.  To which, Hale and Hush replied with a resounding, “Yes! Just register for an account!”  Many estheticians commented that they’re happy to finally be back to work and this is a huge help! While so many others commented by wish Hale and Hush a Happy Birthday!

It was 5 years ago that I bought out my partners of Tecniche and re-branded to Hale & Hush. How time flies. Thanks to all of of my loyal customers, trainers, distributors, mentors and Director of Sales Kay M Deibler who are helping Hale & Hush grow.

Kits are on an additional sale this month for this anniversary. Kits are always discounted at least 20% and now you can save an additional 10% thru July 31st.

Your support and business are truly appreciated.

Kris Campbell

Founder, Hale and Hush

We Love Hale and Hush

We love Hale and HushWe’ve worked with the brand for 3 years! We’ve used every one of the products and truly love them!  Their newest product Mist Me , which they launched in 2020 featured in our Summer Skin Care Guide!

Mist Me
Is a refreshing face spritz formulated to hydrate, nourish and energize skin via gentle, yet proactive ingredients. Detoxifying, protecting and restoring the delicate nature of all skin types especially sensitive skin. It’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging and mood enhancing. Mist me supports moisture and protection against environmental-damage effects while also offering detoxifying and soothing benefits. In fact, it has a dual purpose, use it as a refreshing mist and may be used to set mineral makeup.

Hale and Hush Kits

Hale and Hush offers 8 kits to their professional spa and skincare accounts.  These kits include: BeeDazzle Pro Kit, Treatment Pro Kit, Enzyme Pro Kit, Starter Pro Kit, Duo 1, Duo 2, Duo 3 and last one is the Rolls Royce of the kits – the Try It All Kit.

Try It All Kit

6.2 oz. Quiet Wash, 8 oz. Hush Hydrate, 1.7 oz. Broad Spectrum SPF 30, 1.7 oz. Soothe Essence, 1.7 oz. Saffron Meristem Cream, 1.7 oz. Vital Lipid Lotion, .5 oz. Eye Mousse, 1 oz. Relief Bio Powder, (NEW SIZE) 1.7 oz. Rare C Serum, 1 oz. Rare Retinal Serum, 8 oz. Incredible Enzymes, 4 oz. BeeDazzle Revitalize, 3.3 oz. Clear Future Toner, 1.7 oz. Hush Hydrate Gel, .25 oz. Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum, 3.8 oz. Mist Me, Plus 2 samples of each retail item except Brilliant Eye Serum.

Save an extra 10% off  the already special kit price in July 2020 

hale and hush

About Hale and Hush Skincare

Kris Campbell is a pioneer in the treatment and nourishment of sensitive skin. A Licensed Esthetician, she has been actively involved in the professional skincare industry since 2004.

After an early career spent working with professional skincare brands at an FDA laboratory, Campbell identified a pressing need for high-quality skincare products for extremely sensitive and health-challenged skin®. She became an expert in the subject and used her expertise to create a product line as CEO of TecNiche, a skincare line for highly sensitive skin caused by persistent health issues like cancer and diabetes. Campbell is respected as a prominent writer, speaker, and educator in the skincare industry.

In 2015 Campbell founded Hale & Hush, the only professional skincare line to focus exclusively on sensitive skin. For occasionally to seriously sensitive skin, Hale & Hush has sensitive skin covered.

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