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Illuminating Collection

Contains Effective + Powerful Ingredients

This ingredient has a heightened activity, especially when combined with Resorcinol derivatives.  Resveratrol is a very important ingredient in lightening creams as it has several parallel actions. Poly-Resveratrol or Resveratrols of natural sources inhibits melanin production by delaying alpha- MSH hormone and by delaying TRP-2 protein.

This well known for its skin lightning properties by acting as both a tyrosinase inhibitor and preventing the transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes, a property that is most remarkable at higher concentrations. It also inhibits protein glycation, effectively reducing deposition of cross- linked collagen and elastin molecules.

Hyaluronic Acid
A mixture of 3 multi-power hyaluronic acids. 

* A 100-300 KDa HA to reinforce the skins natural defenses and wound healing process.

* A 20-5-KDa HA to improve skin biomechanical properties and firmness.

* A 5-20 KDa HA to rejuvenate the dermis from inside.

Nonapeptide -1
Biomimetic peptide which inhibits melanin synthesis induced by Alpha-MSH (it is an antagonist to Alpha-MSH). It also reverses hyperpigmentation. The inhibition mechanism is to block tyrosinase activity – not to compete with the enzyme, meaning – high activity at low levels! It inhibits melanogenesis without cytotoxicity .This activity is synergistic when combined with Rumex Occidentalis extract.