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Should You Work For Free?

Should you offer FREE services when starting out or offering new services???

I just had this exchange on another platform and wanted to share my advice!

A brand new esty asked if she should give away some free facials since she just opened up a new spa in a new town and has no business yet. Her husband suggested she give free facials to her other neighboring business owners so they could try her service and refer her business??

Should she do FREE service for certain people??

My advice is YES do it!

I still work for free if I think the trade off is worthwhile. Consider it a marketing expense. You could pay for an ad or you give a free facial and have some one advertise for you…


I don’t just leave it up to chance.

Here is the key to free work, it’s not totally free on their end! They must fulfill some obligation in return!!!


robyn newmark

Contribution by Robyn Newmark

Hi! My name is Robyn Newmark, the founder of Newmark Beauty. I’m an LA girl who got my start at the young age of 16 when I was discovered doing prom make up for my friend at a local hair salon. I was hired on the spot by 2 RedKen runway educators who were in the salon that day. Two years later at the age of 18, I had enough experience to start my own career.

I had such a passion for the beauty industry and went on to specialize in permanent cosmetics and became an expert in eyelash extensions and skin care. I am now proud to introduce my own aesthetics academy where I train other professionals in cosmetic tattooing, micro-channeling and eyelash extensions. Newmark Beauty is also very excited to help launch the newest technology for hair removal and exosome regenerative therapies. We also supply to aesthetic and medical professionals nationwide.

Our company truly strives to bring the best beauty has to offer, so we can all achieve beauty that lasts.

Besides our educational courses for professionals, we offer a variety of beauty services. Learn more about each of these services and be sure to contact NewMark Beauty to schedule an appointment.


I don’t just leave it up to chance.

Here is the key to free work, it’s not totally free on their end! They must fulfill some obligation in return!!!

For a free service in return, I need from them a list of things

-Before and After photos.

– Social media shout outs- stories and posts or one of each!! Based on the type of the service you can ask for a progress posts also.

– Review on yelp or google

– Like me on Facebook

– Follow me on Instagram

– Referrals

– Provide them with cards to put out at their business if able.

Then do the same for them. Leave a good review at their business to encourage them to do the same.

So you’re not just giving away a completely FREE and then you just hope they like it and it works out.

The free service is in exchange for support or DON’T DO IT!!

Have a small list ready and communicate what is required of them so you can maximize you opportunity out of a free service. Most people are more than happy to obliged.

Then build an amazing referral program to incentivize people!

I am doing a class soon on how to build a good and comprehensive referral program in your community that incentives your clients.

I like what another esty suggested on the platform which is Offer free brows for a limited time. This is a small service to get them in the door. Let them feel your hands and skill and they will book other services! great idea!!

Choose your free clients wisely, choose people in influential circles or part of social groups. People who will speak on your behalf but most of all make sure they will complete their end of the bargain!!!!


Don’t just offer it to people you like and hope for the best.


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