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This Expert’s 4 Favorite Ways To Firm Skin

Firm skin is the goal for many typing to age beautifully. One of the major visible signs of aging is loss of volume and elastin in the skin. As we age our body does not produce as much collagen as it once did and many people are left trying to figure out how to reverse volume loss and flaccid skin. While there are other contributing factors that would result in a loss of volume, such as extreme weight loss, the number one cause usually points back to UV damage. Hindsight is 2020 and if we could have started protecting our skin at a younger age we all would be better off but lucky for you through the advancement in skin care technology there are options to help address this specific concern.

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Hi, I’m Jewellee! The face behind Crown Jewel Esthetics. I hail from the city of Philadelphia, where I was born and raised. Yes, in west Philadelphia too, if you felt inclined to sing the song! However, instead of spending most of my days on the playground, I spent most of my days playing in my Mom’s Avon makeup bag, as I’m sure many 90’s babes can relate.

My love for beauty started very early on, from watching my Mom (who sold Avon on the side) get ready for work every morning, never leaving the house without eye-shadow and lipstick (still to this day), to making sure her hair and nails were/are done every two weeks. My mom showed me the importance of self-care and self-maintenance, and despite all the hours she worked, she still found time to make sure she looked and felt good — all while dealing with me at the same time. Bless her! Seriously.  Read More About Jewelle…

The skin houses this little superstar cell called the Fibroblast cell which is responsible for the creation of collagen and elastin. As we age we slow down our production of fibroblast cells which makes it harder for our skin to keep its firmness and plumpness. When dealing with professional treatments to address this concern you want to choose protocols that are going to result in the production of more fibroblast cells and ATP( aka our cells energy).

So what are some modalities you can incorporate in the treatment room?

4 Treatment Modalities For Firm Skin

Microcurrent For Firm Skin 

Microcurrent, also known as the best workout for your face, is sure to wow your clients because of its instant results. Microcurrent machines send an electric current through the skin straight to the muscle to help lift the skin or relax harsh lines in the face by “stretching out” or relaxing the muscle.

Radio Frequency For Firm Skin 

Radio Frequency uses heat to excite the cells and help create the ATP to energize the fibroblast cells which will allow them to multiple therefore over time the skin will appear firmer and more plump.

Microneedling For Firm Skin 

Microneedling also known as CIT (Collagen induction therapy) if the name doesn’t say it all I don’t know what else to say. Microneedling is a method of creating a controlled injury to the skin in order to insight your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Once the wound is created ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and growth factors are applied to the skin and directly delivered to the dermal layer to create more fibroblast cells.

Facial massage/ Lymphatic Drainage For Firm Skin 

Tried and true facial massage has been around for centuries and used to sculpt the face naturally and non-invasively. Paired with lymphatic drainage to help remove any toxins out of the skin this is a great option to help increase blood flow to the skin cells which will oxygenate them aka breathe life back into the cells and allow them to proliferate properly.

As with anything these treatments must be done more than once to see lasting results so it is important to set realistic expectations for your clients. When in doubt try to explain to them it’s like going to the gym. You don’t see your trainer once and get the body of your dreams. It takes commitment and dedication to reverse essentially years off someone’s face but with a blend of treatments listed above it is absolutely not impossible.

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