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The Perfect Botani-Clinical Companion Collection

EF Tropics Illuminating Collection Plays Well With Others

EF Tropics Illuminating Collection is a small collection of 5 products that are designed to brighten and firm the skin. They are a collection of specialty treatment products that can be used alone or can be paired with other skin care products in a client’s home care routine.

We recently featured EF Tropic’s O2SKIN PRO, this company focuses on bringing highly effective products to the market that work really well with all other skin care brands on your back bar and in your retail area.

EF Tropics Illuminating Collection Created By A Doctor + Scientist

The EF Tropics Illuminating Collection was designed by Yoel Konis, a Phd Scientist in the field of cosmetic chemistry, who has been creating products for 32 years.  He was joined by Dr Zhai Salkovitz, a Dermatologist, who specializes in esthetical surgery & medical cosmetic. 

Designed As Add-On Products

The EF Tropics Illuminating Collection has 5 products that can work with any brand of skin care on the market. The scientific research that was used to create these all-natural products gives them the ability to work well the most advanced clinical brands carried in any medical spa.  The Illuminating Collection is created from all-natural antioxidants and peptides so it pairs beautifully with botanical brands.  

The 5 products are filled with some of the most beautiful botanical ingredients from the global market and are designed to improve the tone and integrity of the skin, while fitting into the AM and PM skin care routine of products from any brand on the market.  

Effective + Powerful Ingredients 

The EF Tropics Illuminating Collection uses a variety of effective and powerful ingredients to facilitate impressive results that the brand showcases in before and after photos.  A few of the ingredients they use are:

This ingredient has a heightened activity, especially when combined with Resorcinol derivatives.  Resveratrol is a very important ingredient in lightening creams as it has several parallel actions. Poly-Resveratrol or Resveratrols of natural sources inhibits melanin production by delaying alpha- MSH hormone and by delaying TRP-2 protein.

This well known for its skin lightning properties by acting as both a tyrosinase inhibitor and preventing the transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes, a property that is most remarkable at higher concentrations. It also inhibits protein glycation, effectively reducing deposition of cross- linked collagen and elastin molecules.

Hyaluronic Acid 
A mixture of 3 multi-power hyaluronic acids. 

* A 100-300 KDa HA to reinforce the skins natural defenses and wound healing process.

* A 20-5-KDa HA to improve skin biomechanical properties and firmness.

* A 5-20 KDa HA to rejuvenate the dermis from inside.

Nonapeptide -1
Biomimetic peptide which inhibits melanin synthesis induced by Alpha-MSH (it is an antagonist to Alpha-MSH). It also reverses hyperpigmentation. The inhibition mechanism is to block tyrosinase activity – not to compete with the enzyme, meaning – high activity at low levels! It inhibits melanogenesis without cytotoxicity .This activity is synergistic when combined with Rumex Occidentalis extract.



EF Tropics Illuminating Collection
5 Brightening + Firming Products

Illuminating White

A spot treatment. This was EF Tropics Illuminating Collection’s first product released in the U.S Market.

When Illuminating White is applied directly to the spots themselves, overactive melanin production is halted by stabilizing the tyrosinase, thus inhibiting the activity of the tyrosinase, which is an enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis. On the surface, the lightening agents are at work lightening the spots and healing your skin at the same time. EF Tropics recommends using it directly on the discolored spots until they are gone and then the entire face or other areas can all be lightened together. Illuminating White will itself cause slight desquamation of the skin creating a fresh healthy glow!


ef tropics illuminating collection
Resveratrol is a very important ingredient in lightening creams as it has several parallel actions.


a. Inhibits melanin production by:

1. Delaying alpha- MSH hormone.

2. Delaying TRP-2 protein.

b. Delays melanosomes transfer to target cells

c. Causes rapid lightening (as soon as 7 to 10 days) probably by dissolving existing melanin.

A large advantage of using Resveratrol is that it does not cause skin irritation. On the contrary, it has anti-inflammatory effects.

Resveratrol has a heightened activity, especially when combined with Resorcinol derivatives.        There are several types of Resveratrols.

The most important part is verifying that the mix of Resveratrols will have:

a. High activity  

b. Long term stability                    

c. Doesn’t collide with existing patents.

L+A Now – The EF Tropics Illuminating Collection 

Illuminating Young 


This ultra rich and intensely firming cream has been formulated with potent antioxidants and multiple peptides from all natural sources.  These highly effective ingredients work synergistically to jump start the skin and help it to function at optimal levels to increase firmness, and even out skin tone.

This revolutionary firming cream uses Reversatrol, Niacinamide and Multi-power Hyaluronic acids in a Fatty Acid Encapsulated Delivery System to produce incredible results. 

Illuminating Pink

Intimate Brightening Formula

This is the most recent release from the EF Tropics Illuminating collection in the United States. It’s an innovative formula for brightening intimate areas such as nipples, vagina, rectum and armpits. At-home treatment. The fastest and most efficient results. The formula has been tested successfully and is safe for all skin colors.

Illuminating Pink contains active ingredients that:

  1. Stop tyrosine activity by competitive and none competitive procedures. 

  2. Some of the ingredients prevent melanosomes formation in the melanocytes. 

  3. Other ingredients prevent the release of the melanosomes from the melanocytes. 

  4. A forceful group of ingredients interfere with the uptake of the melanosomes into the epidermal cells. Melanosomes that do not enter the cell shortly after they are released are destroyed in the extra cellular matrix. 

  5. There is also an active reduction of existing melanin by antioxidants such as Resveratrol and others.

Illuminating Eye

5 in 1 Eye Treatment

This new, safe, innovative formula contains some of the fastest and most efficient skin lightening, lifting and firming ingredients available.


EF Tropics Illuminating Collection
A 5 in 1 Eye Cream
The 5 Ways It Works

1.  Brighten The Eye Area 

Two Powerful Brighteners!

Resorcinol derivatives have been developed over the past 10 years.  Providing us with three skin lighteners that are more effective than Hydroquinone at the same level of concentration and are safe to use.

Resveratrol has a heightened activity, especially when combined with Resorcinol derivatives.  Resveratrol is a very important ingredient in lightening creams as it has several parallel actions. Poly-Resveratrol or Resveratrols of natural sources inhibits melanin production by delaying alpha- MSH hormone and by delaying TRP-2 protein.

2.  Reduce the Appearance of Under Eye Bags

Illuminating Eye helps to shrink and prevent bags under eyes by up to 70% in 30 days, as well as smoothing the appearance of fine lines by firming and toning the skin.  Many factors including tiredness, hypertention and medications, in addition to the natural effects of aging, contribute to the formation of bags under the eyes.

3. Reduce the Appearance of Under Eye Dark Circles

Illuminating Eye lightens under the eye dark circles with a combination of active molecules.  Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR reinforce firmness and tone of the eye area.

Chrysin and N-Hydroxysuccinlmide activate the elimination of blood originated pigments responsible for dark circle color and local inflammation.

4. Reduce the Appearance of Side Temple Wrinkles 

The delicate tissue around the eye does not produce any nourishing, hydrating oils.  Illuminating Eye contains 50 KD Hyaluronic Acid to flood this delicate tissue with the moisture it needs to plump up and diminish the appearance of fine lines.   

5. Reduce The Appearance of Sagging Upper Eye Lid

Lifts the upper eyelid, smooths the fold of the eyelid and reduces Crow’s Feet.  Persian Skin Tree Extract (Albizia Julibrissin Bark) improves cellular respiration reducing AGE’s.  Darutoside will reduce inflammation and promote collagen production.  

Illuminating Neck

All around treatment for your neck

Multi-active treatment neck cream designated to treat multiple problems of aging neck.


EF Tropics Illuminating Collection
How does it work?
The 4 Ways It Works

1. Lifts and tightens sagging neck skin. 
A combination of 3 active molecules in 1 solution:

  • Aminopropanol Sulfonic Acid.

  • Calcium Hydroxy methionine.

  • Plankton Extract marine.

  • Induces adiponectin release from adipose tissue (in vitro) that signals the skeletal muscle to enhance metabolism of type I muscle fibers. Helps to enhance the appearance of more toned and defined slender neck and more defined V shaped face.  

2. Reduces Neck skin wrinkles
Contains resorcinol derivatives, resveratrol and 20  KD hyaluronic acid – all work as anti-wrinkle actives.

3. Decreases the appearance of double chin contour, Resulting in a slenderer neck:

  • contains 0 Tetrapeptide – 4, Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract, Darutoside, Leontopodium Alpinum callus Culture Extract, Acetyl \ dipeptide – 1 Cetyl Ester.

  • Activity based on dual-action approach. Illuminating neck treats the global contour of the neck

  • Lifting the fold of the neck side crow’s feet wrinkles on the sides, by strengthening the dermal structure and increasing its contractile properties.

  • Clinical studies have demonstrated the positive effect of the product, on the dropping sagging neck skin surface, both of which have been reduced respectively by up to 61% and 91% after 2 months of treatment

4. All around: skin lightening
Resorcinol derivative plus resveratrol, niacinamide & other ingredients also contribute to skin lightening.

Thanks to E.F. Tropics for sponsoring this content.

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