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All-New Treatment for Psoriasis, Acne + Eczema

Eczema and psoriasis are chronic skin conditions that millions of Americans suffer with daily. Many times, those afflicted with these conditions have no idea how to go about treating them. They needlessly suffer when they don’t need to – especially if they go to a licensed professional for facials, lash enhancements, waxing, sugaring, and make-up.

Estheticians See Eczema and Psoriasis Daily
So often men and women will suffer because they think they need to go to a physician and won’t make the effort to see a doctor because “It’s just some dry skin.”  They discount their problem and just “live with it.” Many of these same people are in a spa, skin care, lash studio, or waxing center on a regular basis so estheticians see eczema and psoriasis daily.  Imagine if you, as an esthetician, had a solution to eczema and psoriasis.

Since you are seeing these people often and they feel comfortable talking with you, it may make you their first contact to seek advice. There are a lot of remedies that are sold at the drugstore without a prescription that they can try, and will on the advice of friends or relatives. You have the unique opportunity to have something available that has been clinically tested and dermatologist approved for sensitive skin that will deliver the result they are looking for with no side effects. 

Some pharmaceuticals have really undesirable side effects and since these are lifelong challenges, finding a treatment without side effects is important. 

3 Products Treat Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis

The bFree Collection was created by Dr. Konis, world renowned cosmetic chemist and the creator of EpilFREE and Illuminating Collection. bFree and is seriously effective. It’s a retail line consisting of three products. PsoFree for psoriasis, AcFree for acne, and EczeFree for eczema. The products use the same type of technology found in our Epilfree by targeting the diseased cells and stopping their duplication

E.F. Tropics also added OX66, which is the same oxygen molecule as O2SkinPro, and the only ‘Stand alone” oxygen ingredient in existence.

eczema and psoriasis

The bFREE Collection from E.F. Tropics 

The ingredients in the bFREE Collection are 98% natural, are not tested on animals. The bFREE Collection is eco-conscious as all 3 are packaged in recycled materials.

There are no side effects when using them, like many of the pharmaceutical remedies. Eczema and Psoriasis are not curable, we can only hope to keep them under control with this effective topical and attention lifestyle since it plays a big part in flare-ups. Stress is an igniter, along with food allergies.

Our Initial Review

All three products are in a roll-on bottle. Each product has a thin, watery consistency that is slightly yellow in color. The brand even warns to that it can stain white clothes and bed linens, the advise to wear darker clothes when applying the product. The products all have an almost medical-like scent, these are products that are designed to correct a severe skin condition, so make sure clients are aware!

The brand has before and after images on their website for each product, you can see what the products are able to do.

E.F. Tropics asked us to note that the yellow color has been able to help users identify where they have applied the product.  They also asked us to note that – these products are designed to correct and help control these skin conditions. 

EczeFREE for Eczema

Eczema and psoriasis

EczeFree contains a unique balanced complex of natural active ingredients with high biological activity and the ability to resist this atopic skin disorder. It moisturizes, while at the same time, dries painful rashes, soothes, and maintains the skin’s healthy state.

Dimethyl sulfone is a natural organic sulfur compound present in the tissues of all living organisms. Enough sulfur maintains the skin in a satisfactory condition and participates in the biosynthesis of collagen by increasing the permeability of cell membranes, which contributes to better absorption of moisture and regulates the processes of growth, restoration, as well as the healing and regeneration of cells and tissues. Oxygen’s anti-inflammatory qualities, antibacterial qualities, and its ability to speed up cell turnover, aid immensely in the regenerative process.

AcFREE for Acne

AcFree contains all-natural ingredients that slow down and stop the duplication of cells, including the sebaceous oil gland cells to help clear acne. Acne cannot withstand oxygen which is the most important factor in healing it. The reactive oxygen acts as a nutrient to kill bacteria, stop infection, and cleanse damaged tissues. Oxygen’s anti-inflammatory qualities, antibacterial qualities, and its ability to speed up cell turnover, aid immensely in the regenerative process.

eczema and psoriasis

 PsoFREE for Psoriasis

eczema and psoriasis

This formula is based on long-term research of herbs and plants for the healing of skin diseases that cause an uncontrollable cell division of the diseased cells. We discovered some that are very effective in slowing and stopping cell division. The active ingredients in PsoFree are highly effective in removing skin flaking and healing the skin surface.The ingredients are 98% natural and 2% beneficial synthetics, which makes PsoFree safe, non-toxic, and effective for recurrences. Oxygen’s anti-inflammatory qualities, antibacterial qualities, and its ability to speed up cell turnover, aid immensely in the regenerative process. For use twice a day on the affected areas. Some patients may notice the areas getting worse before they get better, stay with it. PsoFree has been dermatologist tested and is safe for sensitive skin.

I LOVE EczeFree!

After having been diagnosed with eczema, my dermatologists prescribed Clobetasol Propionate, a topical steroid. While often effective, steroids are known to have a number of potentially ugly side effects, including thinning of the skin.

Side effects notwithstanding, my flare up was significant, so I reluctantly began treatment with the Clobetasol. Unfortunately, I did not respond to the standard protocol and my skin condition continued to worsen. Even after seeing a second dermatologist and treating with a second course of steroids, my eczema did not improve.

Believe me, I complained to everyone who would listen!

Finally, a family member recommended EczeFree, an over the counter, STEROID FREE, all natural product for the treatment of eczema!

Initially skeptical that an over-the-counter treatment could succeed where a prescription medication had not, I tried it.

But this product is the real deal!

From the first application the itching began to abate and within days the inflammation was significantly down. Three to four weeks later, my eczema was extinguished with no rebound!

I cannot recommend this product highly enough! HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and SAFE!

bFree Customer

We’d like to thank E.F. Tropics for sponsoring this content.

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