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DMK A2Z Caribbean Latte is in Nichelle Mosley’s 10 Fav SPFs

Nichelle Mosley’s Top 10 Fav SPFs

The DMK Limited SPF, A2Z Caribbean Latte is one of Nichelle’s Top 10 Fav SPFs.

Nichelle is an award winning North Carolina board certified aesthetician and certified laser technician. Nichelle was a finalist in the international skin competition -2018 Skin Games for Acne Management, and she won the 2019 Skin Games in the Age Management Category. She owns Queen City Beauty Group and Wellness in Charlotte, NC. She is the inventor of the Queens Cloth, a daily gentle, reusable exfoliating mitt. Nichelle is developer of her own private label, Roooted Queen Skin Care, and she has a new product line out in 2020, Queen City Beauty Co!

Nichelle’s expertise in skin care products has also seen her consulted multiple times by O, Oprah Magazine!

Nichelle specializes in treating diverse skin tones with life changing results. Nichelle sees esthetics as a way to celebrate our differences, and empower her clients to be their most confident!  Nichelle’s clients seek her expertise with hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, acne, rosacea, anti-aging, or just some self care.

At Queen City Group, Nichelle’s focus is  providing professional, results-oriented treatments. Nichelle enjoys educating her clients on how to maintain continued results and she takes pride in exceeding her clients’ expectations.

Nichelle Mosley Headshot

Nichelle’s Thoughts on SPF

Summer is just around the corner, so many of us are looking for a great SPF. While you certainly do need a great SPF for the summertime, you really need a great SPF for every day, all day.

Why? I’m glad you asked! Here is what I preach to my clients:

Whether you are fighting the effects of aging, combatting acne, preventing hyperpigmentation, or just want healthy skin, a high quality, mineral-only sunscreen is the MOST IMPORTANT item in your skin care arsenal. You read that right. A high quality mineral-only sunscreen is just that important!

Sunscreen are required to list their “Active Ingredients” in a separate section on their labels. In the active ingredients section, you should look for two ingredients. The mineral ingredients Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide will shield your skin from the sun. This stops aging of the skin, slows trans-epidermal water loss, stops signaling for hyperpigmentation, and keeps your skin from burning in the sun. All other SPF ingredients are UVB absorbers. This means they absorb heat into your skin, which can cause or exacerbate all of the above-listed issues.

Despite what you may have heard, you CAN get a mineral-only SPF that blends easily into your skin. Below are some favorites of mine, including the ones I use everyday for myself and for my clients.

A Beautiful Reminder That May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

The L+A #SPF365 Sun Shield Pendant $48

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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month! This is our way to help raise awareness for the importance of wearing sun protection, spf, sunscreen every single day!  No matter the weather, no matter if you’re going to be in direct sun or not, no matter if you’re going to be indoors all day.

SPF, sunscreen, sun protection, however you say it, you have to wear it every day! It’s so important that the FAA and TSA just approved full size product of SPF/Sunscreen can be carried on to planes.


This DMK Limited SPF Is A Favorite

A2Z Caribbean Latte Broad Spectrum SPF 30
A2Z Caribbean Latte is not specifically a sunscreen, but it has broad spectrum protection and is tinted for use on darker skin tones. It works well with the DMK line of foundations and cosmetics, so you can blend into your complexion for a camera ready look!

This amazing cream is packed with benefits and ingredients from Aqua to Zinc. A2Z™ is an all-purpose nutrient cream that begins by protecting against signs of aging and solar damage caused by UVA and UVB radiation. The richly tinted nutrient-packed formula provides essential long-term skin benefits while immediately blurring fine lines, evening out skin tone and reducing the appearance of imperfections for a flawless finish. Suitable for all skin types. Apply after your other DMK Limited products; wear alone for a natural bare look or under DMKC foundation for that perfect, flawless look

DMK Limited SPF

Nichelle’s Other Favorite SPFs

ClearChoice SportShield Plus SPF 45
This SPF blends amazingly well into all skin types. It leaves no bluish tint, even on darker skin. As a bonus, it has high quality moisturizers and is acne safe for every day use!

Dermaviduals Suncream SPF
This acne safe and skin barrier safe SPF is from a lesser-known brand, but is an amazing product. No matter your client’s skin tone / texture / condition, they will likely love it!

Mother SPF
This is my go-to SPF for days at the beach, kayaking, or grilling outside. I pair it with my UPF clothing and gear for the best protection from the sun! It smells nice, applies easily, and keeps transepidermal water loss at bay! It’s perfect for anti-aging clients.

Saian  Pure Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30
This SPF is a popular choice for those looking to get away from the chemical sunscreens that are so prevalent in the market. Antioxidants and Green Tea fight the signs of aging while the minerals protect you from UVA and UVB rays.

Unsun EVERYDAY Mineral Tinted Sunscreen
This lightweight sunscreen is great for everyday use. This one is differently formulated from their other SPFs to be used everyday. It applies smoothly and easily.

Isdin Eryfotona Actinica
This SPF provides great sun protection and wears easily because it is so lightweight. In addition to the great sun protection, this SPF actually works to repair existing sun damage! I love this SPF for those with advanced photo aging.

TIZO AM Replenish non tinted SPF 40
This very highly regarded SPF is great for sun protection for all skin types. I love the ingredient declarations. This product works especially well in shielding skin from UVA and UVB rays. It blends best into lighter skin tones.

Sunscreen Sprays

Global Skin Solutions Sun Protector 29 Spray
This SPF spray is designed to spray on easily, making it great for on the go applications. This SPF is safe for all skin types, and the spray application makes  it it so easy to apply on the go.

Seriously Fab Zinc It Over Sunscreen Mists
Zinc It Over sprays come in 3 different scents. I love these for mid-day reapplications while on the go. I keep one in my kayak for days on the lake!

My motto to my clients is everyday is a Mineral Worthy Mood!

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