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Can Wellness Help Burn Fat?

The way we approach esthetics and fitness is changing.  We saw this shift start to take place during the pandemic, when our focus on wellness was heightened. Not just with hand sanitizers and germ control, but with the realization that esthetics is an all encompassing effort.  Skin doesn’t just glow on its own, it takes an internal approach to support the external effort, and sometimes, it takes more than a topical application of the latest and most advanced skincare products.

We’re seeing a huge trend in non-invasive body treatments, as demonstrated by our Canadian sponsor, Spavaro, as they distribute devices like the Icoone.  

This is also apparent as we see some of the luxury chain establishments, like Exhale Spa, start to incorporate advanced treatments and wellness into their existing offerings.  We’re very familiar with the bathhouse at the Exhale Spa Atlantic City location. In 2020, we visited to see how they managed COVID spa visits.  We were recently invited to the launch party to experience the new MedSpa and Wellness offerings at the NoMad location in NYC.

Now more than ever, our health has become a major focus which includes not only our internal organs but also our mental health and self-confidence. I found it important to create a Lifestyle Brand that one could access everything from a massage to cryotherapy to injectables in a luxurious environment. I am reimagining what relaxation and improving health means for our customers.

Marie OConnor DNP, MBA, RN

CEO, Exhale Spa

Some of the new total body wellness treatments include:


Star T-Shock

Infrared Sauna

Halotherapy (Salt Therapy)

IV Drips

Whole body cryotherapy

Compression Therapy

Muscle Building Treatments

“I was thrilled to see the Star T-Shock! Last summer, I completed an 8 session treatment with the Skin Science Solutions device.  The results were remarkable! One of the treatment providers at Exhale NoMad offered to do the same The Adicell Thermographic Analysis to see where I was at 9 months post treatment.  I was blown away!”

“Not only have the results lasted, but they also kickstarted a new routine.  I started taking the SculptICE Detox and Burn supplements to aid in maintaining the results of the treatment and amplify my regular workout routine.  I think this multi-pronged approach has been a major part of the success.  This is an all encompassing effort!” Jenni

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