Guten Dev = Boost Production of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen With Ingestibles

Ingestibles can boost your body’s natural collagen + HA production, immunity, & glow. On a cellular level, ingestibles such as  Liposomal C cocktailed with Glucosamine Sulphate can have incredibly positive effects on your skin health.

Kaelin Jutras

Contribution by Kaelin Jutras LE, Founder & CEO of Herbal Skin Solutions

After becoming a licensed esthetician, she found her approach increasingly rooted in holistic methods and felt the need to provide her clients with a procedure that was safe for any skin type but would still offer “wow factor” results.

Aging On A Cellular Level 

100 trillion cells in our body are fed & cleansed via micro-vessels where nutrients and oxygen are delivered and toxins eliminated. The human body’s systems are highly intelligent and respond to everything we put into them, and onto the skin, including the environments we place ourselves in. How we age on a cellular level has the capability of shortening or extending the length of our telomeres (the cells that determine the longevity of our lives), the appearance of our skin, and how we experience the world. Feeling good physically is interwoven with feeling good about our appearance. When we have health & vitality, it shows on the outside, which allows our inner glow of confidence to light our paths onward as we show up to share our gifts with the world.

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How Ingestible Liposomal C Works Best

“I send love to myself in all parallels within time / space and am held in perfect harmony. I accept the cellular upgrades with ease and allow every cell in my being to be tuned to all of which serves my highest good”.

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“Vitamin C has an essential role in connective tissue healing, being a cofactor for prolyl hydroxylase and lysyl hydroxylase. These enzymes catalyze the hydroxylation of proline and lysine residues of procollagen, promoting the proper folding of the stable collagen triple-helix conformation.”

National Library of Medicine

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