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Pro Tips To Pick Best CBD Brand For Your Business

Select The Best CBD Brand For the Solo Esty, Day Spa, Resort Spa, or Med Spa

Finding the Best CBD brand can be hard. CBD is everywhere because it’s all the buzz.  You can find it online, or your client can be pumping gas and run in for a  coffee and CBD balm at most gas stations. You know that CBD is all the rage, and you’ve been contemplating bringing it into your spa business BUT with so many options, you are left asking yourself: which is the best for your business and clientele? Are all CBD’s created equal? Does it really matter? Or maybe you have a CBD brand and it’s not performing as you expected?


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Contribution by Julie Pankey

I am Julie Pankey, the founder of JMPankey Partners and the SpaHive. I have worked in the spa and wellness industry for 28 years. I have spent those 28 years fostering relationships and building a network of trusted industry colleagues to learn and grow from. As a spa industry veteran, I often feel like I have seen and done it all. Luckily though, I learn something new every single day, and on my quest for the best CBD brands over the last three years, I have certainly learned a few things! My work can save you lots of time, money and disappointment.  

AND NO, all CBD brands are not created equal! AND YES, it does matter.

My own journey to understanding CBD and choosing the best CBD spa brands led me to hosting a CBD panel of experts in March 2020 with over 100 attendees so we could help clear up some misconceptions and help our industry learn more about this fast paced category.

I have tested a lot of CBD brands on the market. Some have been exceptional, and some have provided me little to no results. Some brands court you to make the sale and then are MIA once the deal is done, and others understand the value of a vendor/spa partnership.

If you are looking for the cheapest, most accessible CBD on the market so you make a great profit margin…keep scrolling. This article may not be right for you. If you are looking to create a partnership with an ethical and high quality CBD brand while creating the very best service experience for your clients, let’s dig in! I am going to share with you my top tips for selecting a CBD brand that will work for your business and brand philosophy. 

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3 Tips To Finding The Best CBD Brand For Your Business

Tip 1 To Thine Own Self Be True

Be sure you have defined your own spa brand and choose a CBD brand that fits. What is your brand image?  What is the image you would like to project to your clients?  Does a dispensary looking stick on label brand work for your branding? My biggest issue in the beginning was finding a brand that presented itself nicely on a spas retail shelves. Do you want to present your clients with a luxury product, local/hand crafted or somewhere in between?  There is no right or wrong answer; the answer is what is right for you and your business.

Tip 2 Support Matters

If you know me, you know that I am the biggest advocate for us all being in this together!  Support and community = lasting success, and none of us can do it alone. Well, this is equally true when selecting a vendor partner; selecting a CBD vendor partner is absolutely no exception. When selecting the right CBD partner you want to select a brand that will educate you, and if you have a team, educate your team.  You want a partner that will help you learn how to speak to clients intelligently about CBD, the ingredients, the process in which it is harvested and made as well as the testing performed. You want to find a partner that is able to provide back bar solutions so you can use it as an upgrade in your services as well as support you with marketing material, testers, promotional ideas and provide social media and marketing support.  Remember, this is a partnership. The right CBD vendor partner wants you to be successful and will support you in every step of that journey. 

Tip 3 Know The Details

Appearance matters, in most cases anyway.  But, as choosey as you should be with selecting the right CBD brand that fits your branding and image…you need to be just as choosey (if not more so) about the ethicacy of your product.  So, what do I mean? Ask these questions while going through the selection process:

  1. How long has the brand been in business?
  2. Can you provide proof of insurance?
  3. What quality assurance do you have?
  4. How easy is it to access COA’s? ( certificate of analysis )
  5. Where is the CBD sourced?
  6. Was it grown in the United States?
  7. Was it extracted in the US? What extraction method?
  8. Is the CBD full spectrum or isolate?
  9. How are the CBD products stored? In light-blocking bottles? Childproof caps?
  10. Do the labels of the CBD products comply with my insurance company?

Introducing CBD into your spa business can be like the wild west…there are no rules and no one is watching.  But this is all changing, and as a business, it is your responsibility to offer the very best products and services to your clients. I encourage you to learn, stay informed and ask questions. 

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