Here’s How It All Started

I was at the gym running on the treadmill, when I got a text from Drew Coleman from DMK…..

“DMK is sponsoring the World Of Confidence Conference in Las Vegas. It’s not just for DMK clinics, it’s for anyone in the skincare industry and we need someone to talk about the importance of branding and digital media, you know anyone?”

Drew Coleman

“I do indeed!”

Barry Eichner

Are you kidding me? Digital media is my life and branding is my religion! I totally fan girled! Oh My God, DMK wants me to speak along side Rebecca Gadberry, Danné Montague-King and the #girlboss herself, Sophia Amoruso!!!!

 What is happening to my life?

Of course I said yes! It’s no secret that I love the DMK team and many of the DMK Clinic owners. They are such a great group of professionals! The brand has spectacular education; amazing branding, gorgeous marketing materials and I loved the products. I also love the upper management philosophy on marketing and business development. It was an honor to be asked and a privilege to present to them!

Interviews With The Keynote Speakers

The day was designed to educate, inform and inspire! Here’s a video where Barry chats with Rebecca Gadberry, Stuart Milk and Sophia Amoruso and asks them about their experience at the World Of Confidence Conference by DMK 

Rebecca Gadberry

Rebecca taught everyone in the room how to find a peaceful center. We did group exercises, individual guided meditations and breath work. I told Drew that it was the most covert motivational sales training ever! During Rebecca’s presentation, I whispered to Drew, “Help your team to find calm, balance and inner peace, so they can go out and be super productive – very smart!”

Danné Montague-King

In his true rock star style, Danné owned the stage as he spoke on probiotics for skincare. Everyone loved seeing him. He offered such insight to skin anatomy and physiology. My favorite part of his presentation was watching all of the clinic owners taking copious notes! They hung on every word he uttered!

Stuart Milk

There was a special guest speaker! Stuart Milk dropped in to talk about the Harvey Milk Foundation and all of the work that they do around the world to advance equality. DMK is a huge contributor to the Harvey Milk Foundation.

Sophia Amoruso

It looked like the set of Oprah, as Drew Coleman and Sophia chatted while sitting on leather chairs on stage. The Q & A between Drew and Sophia sparked conversation in the crowd, which led to members of the audience asking Sophia questions about her drive and her recipe for success.

I spoke with a few of the attendees who all had glowing reviews of the day. This was a day for anyone in the industry to come together and grow and learn. I spoke with DMK clinic owners, independent educators, and employees of other skincare companies. They all loved the speakers and felt as though they walked away with valuable knowledge. This is why I respect DM; they nourish the skincare industry and support the growth of everyone, not just their own brand. They look to foster education wherever they can!

Want To Grow Your Knowledge Base?

If you would like to grow your knowledge base – take a DMK Skin Revision Webinar! This isn’t a sales pitch. It’s a webinar on how skin works. It’s designed to expand your knowledge levels on skin anatomy and physiology.

No matter how many skincare brands you use OR how many machines or devices you own.

Skin Will Always Be Skin!

The more you know about skin and how it works the better you will be in putting your skincare products and devices to work on the skin!

Get Some Education

  1. Register for one of the DMK monthly webinars:
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After you complete the program and obtain your Skin Revision Therapist Certificate, you can then order the DMK product line if you’d like. No matter what you choose to do, you will walk away with an enhanced skill set and larger knowledge base. You will be able to grow your business by using the knowledge that you learn in the DMK Skin Revision Webinar!

Thank you to DMK International for sponsoring this article.

“Every time I talk to a DMK employee or clinic owner I walk away with more skincare knowledge!”

 Barry Eichner

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