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All New L+A Look – Website + App Coming

Fasten your seatbelts! This fall you are going to get an all new L+A!

The world is changing and it’s moving faster than ever before! Everyone wants fast and convenient access to information! The future of communication is mobile and we want to provide you all with access that fits your lifestyle needs!

We understand and we are responding! We’ll always be www.lipglossandaftershave.com – but now we’ll be easy to navigate and easier to access with an all new look and layout!

After 5 years of News, Reviews, and Education – Lipgloss + Aftershave is going to launch an entirely new look on September 1st! The entire look of L+A will become seamless and effortless to navigate and easily translate on mobile when you tap into the FREE L+A Mobile App.  

Over the past 5 years, we have done hundreds of articles and created thousands of pieces of social media content. We’ve remained on the forefront of social media trends with Instagram and shot to the top of the skin care and spa industry’s TikTok presence.

When we added our app 3 years ago we never imagined that it would have nearly 5,000 downloads and become one of the most navigated platforms in our collection.

You will always be able to get whatever you need from our website, but the L+A FREE Mobile App will be the easiest and fastest way to get your News, Reviews, and Education. Remember, it works on your mobile device, tablet, and smart TV. You can watch your favorite webinar replays on the big screen at home. You can also get the latest industry news on your mobile device when you’re on break, in between clients.

You can also learn on the new website and the L+A FREE Mobile App from our Library of Digital Downloads. These are guides that are created by the top skin care and device brands in the industry. You can easily download and review the guides anytime – anywhere – for free!

You can register for LIVE Webinars! We have weekly webinars that we call “L+A Now with Barry + Jenni”. You can watch “webisodes” of L+A Now live if you register via ZOOM! You can register using the L+A Free Mobile app and then watch right on your phone or tablet!

The future of communication is mobile and we want to provide you all with access that fits your lifestyle needs!

Mark your calendars – September 1, 2022 – for the all new look of L+A.

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